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The best of online sex toy stores

Historically, sex shops were found in seedy strip malls, identifiable only by their blacked-out windows and neon XXX signs. However, in the past ten years, many female-friendly retailers have popped up online, allowing women to purchase everything from vibrators to bondage gear in style. Below are three of web’s best, all of whom will discreetly ship your packages, so you can enjoy your kinky delights without your mailman ever catching on.

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Secrets of the Ladies Room
Secrets of the Ladies Room was launched by two self-described nice girls who became friends while working as television publicists in LA. The result is a colorful site that retains a BFF quality that could put even the shyest shopper at ease. If you are a sex toy novice, SOTLR assists you with determining which of their toys best suits your style with a fun quiz. For the “funky, flirty femme” they recommend Jenna’s Hot Trimmer ($27.95), which comes with 10 reusable bikini hair stencils, allowing you to customize your (or his) hair down there. Or if you are a “wild child,” the Mini Tongue vibrator ($49.95) and/or the Remote Control Vibrating Thong ($79.95, with a wireless remote!) might be more your speed. Lastly, for the arts and crafts lovers, there is a make your own dildo kit. For $69.95, you can create a perfect copy of your honey’s penis to remember him by when he’s away.

Pure Romance
Forget book clubs and wine tastings, modern women are having sex toy parties, according to CEO Patty Brisben of Pure Romance. The company, which sells an array of “bedroom accessories” through independent sales consultants – think Mary Kay, but naughtier – also allows you to shop directly online. Most notable among their products are goodies like “Body Bling,” ($12.50) a shimmering powder made of edible vanilla flakes, and “Kiss” ($16.50,) a body mist that includes added pheromones to enhance your natural sexual scent and drive the guys around you wild. Pure Romance also stocks a large assortment of classic and novelty toys. Must-haves include the Love Swing ($150.00,) “Tickle & Whip” (a rubber whip decked out with Marabou feathers, $12.50) and the “Hide a Vibe Pillow,” which allows you to store your smaller toys away from prying eyes. ($20.00, available in pink, giraffe, and black colors.)

New Yorkers may be familiar with this sex-toy emporium’s brick and mortar stores, but they also have a prominent online presence as well. Among their newest toys is SaSi, a programmable vibrator that, like real men, uses its “sensual intelligence” to remember your likes and dislikes. Although at $185.00, it’s certainly not cheap, with rave reviews in Wired and on MSNBC, it just might be worth the investment. Babeland also deserves 4 stars for their numerous online guides, including one that provides assistance with navigating the often murky waters of adult film. DVDs are divided up, not by genre, but by categories that actually matter to women, such as “decent music” “good looking men” and “sexy movies that will teach you a few new tricks.”

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