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Drum your way to fitness

It’s loud. It’s crazy. And it’s coming soon to a gym near you. The latest fitness craze? Drums Alive! – the perfect workout for all of you wannabe rock stars out there.

Woman with Drumstick

Stability ball beat

Percussion and fitness may not be the most obvious combo, but a German fitness instructor drummed up a new way to exercise by banging out beats on a stability ball. Called Drums Alive!, this workout will have you rocking and rolling while burning mega calories — and having a ton of fun. Here’s the beat:

Find your rhythm

Can’t carry a tune or stay on beat for the life of you? No worries! All you need to stay on task in this class is a bit of coordination and lots of concentration. An instructor will help you find the right rhythm while you beat on a stability ball — which is held in place with a square base — with drum sticks (PVC piping is sometimes used as a substitute). And if you’re off beat, so what? You’ll still be working up a sweat, whether your strokes are synchronized or not! Drums Alive!

No hum-drum workout

Drums Alive is said to burn 150 calories in just 20 minutes. While the combination of drumming and high-energy choreographed routines get your heart rate up, your arms get a boost each time you bang on the ball. And though beginner classes aren’t excessively exhausting (the starter level was created to suit all ages and fitness levels), the more advanced programs burn fat, tone and provide increased neuromuscular coordination, balance, strength and flexibility.


Drumming may not be the way you want to workout each and every day, but it is one way to break up the monotony in your exercise routine. Try it out on your most stressful days — there is nothing like beating on a ball to get rid of all of your worries and angst! Plus, the class can improve your concentration by challenging your brain and developing your sensory motor reflexes. Now that’s a way to beat stress and the workout blues!

Get going!

Though still a brand-new concept, many fitness facilities around the country are adding Drums Alive! to their class schedules. So check to see if it’s coming to a gym near you. Can’t wait to get going? You can try the work out at home from a DVD available for purchase through the Drums Alive website. And if you’re bored with your gym routine and want more non-traditional ways to work out, check out these features! Tone your body with beach tennisRevive your workout: Get back into the fitness grooveSurf your way into shape this summer Shake it! Hula hoop fitness

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