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Flabby arms got you frowning? You are not alone. Flabby, saggy biceps and triceps have women nationwide opting against tank tops and halters and, instead, opting to cover up in long-sleeved shirts all summer long. However, it isn’t too late to shape up for the season. Try these tricks to tone your biceps and triceps, and you will be sporting awesome arms in no time!

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The quickest way to awesome arms? Get thee to the weight room, stat! Strength training (that is, working out with weights) is the ideal way to define and tone muscles. Plus, pumping iron speeds up your metabolism and trims fat that has crept in over time. And despite common misconceptions, strength training will not add bulk to your biceps. Rather, by working various parts of your upper body with lighter weights, you will get arms that are shapely, not scary.

So grab some dumbbells (pick a weight you can lift at least ten times in a row without too much strain) and try these moves at least two times a week. Perform three sets of 12 reps for each (click on the links for video demonstrations).

CHEST PRESS: Works the major muscles of the chest as well as the front and backs of your arms.
BICEP CURL: Tones the front of your arms.

TRICEP EXTENSION: Works the back of your arms

DUMBBELL ROW: Tones your biceps and your back.

As an alternative, you can use the weight machines at your gym. Get on the machines that work your biceps, triceps, back and chest. If you have never used weight machines before, ask a trainer for assistance.


On the days you don’t lift, intersperse some exercises like push-ups and tricep dips, which use your own body weight as resistance. And be sure to get in at least 20 minutes of cardio (think swimming, running, or anything that will get your heart rate up), which will help you fight flab and develop lean muscles. To optimize your aerobic time, check out Get more out of your cardio workout.

Keep in mind that before you begin any workout, start slowly and take at least 15 minutes to warm up with stretches and light exercise, like jogging or marching in place. And if you are new to strength training, talk to a personal trainer or your health care provider about setting up a program that is right for you.

And don’t miss Ladies, you can lift more than five pounds, to make sure you aren’t wasting your time with weights that are too light.

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