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Maintain your sexy

Whether it’s your first time with this lover or not, exuding sex appeal never gets old. It’s easy to let yourself go or to let your nerves get the best of you, we understand. After all, bedroom intimacy puts you in a vulnerable state. You don’t want to show up to the “party” feeling unprepared. But you can remedy your nerves, not to mention your look before you make love. Doing so will only elevate the experience. Before you hit the sack with your beau, maintain your sexy like so.

Woman in Bed
Good Sex

Get a lesson in sex

Having really good sex can mean losing a bit of yourself. I’m not talking about forgetting who you are, I’m merely pointing out that you have to lose a little bit of your inhibition to “get there” easily. Though they say liquor can lower a person’s inhibitions, we’re suggesting to steer clear of alcohol. Find out how to experience the best intercourse with Good Sex: A Woman’s Guide to Losing Inhibition by Charlotte Kane ($12.95 at bookstores nationwide). This guide will teach you how to free yourself to get to that better place in intimacy.


Depending on your and/or your mate’s preference, a little grooming can’t hurt. Use a depilatory, wax or a razor to trim as necessary. Word to the wise, be wary of using a hair removal cream like Veet’s In-Shower Hair Removal Cream for a Brazilian wax (prices vary by store and product size). There are certain areas down below that are quite sensitive to chemicals. You don’t want to harm your skin before playtime. Clinque's Radient Bronze


Some women may object to this, but when I asked my gal pals about tanning, the consensus was unanimous: Glowing skin looks way hot. If you’re concerned with sun damage, such as skin cancer, consider a self-tanner like Clinique’s Radiant Bronze Face & Body Tinted Self-Tanner ($18.50 at Sephora stores nationwide). Apply the day before so nothing runs or wipes off during the big night. Sometimes a mixture of natural moisture with bronzer can stain the sheets.

Exude confidence

You can sexify from top to bottom, but your partner won’t notice the effort if you don’t carry it well. Although you may be in a vulnerable state of nakedness—literally—always remember that your body is beautiful, you’re gorgeous and your lover wants you. And if that’s not enough, then you might as well fake it.

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