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The kind of women men marry

In his novel, Cad: Confessions of a Toxic Bachelor, Rick Marin writes that although men may date many types of women, they will only marry a few. So what qualities make a man swoon all the way to the altar? Take our quiz below to find out.

Bride & Groom1. While on a date, you determine whether a guy is worth pursuing or not by casually asking him about:
A. His sexual fetishes and hang-ups.
B. His career goals and future plans.
C. Whether he wants kids.
D. The things that inspire him.


2. You’re a little nervous meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time, but one relative goes out of his/her way to chat you up. Who is it?
A. His brother, although you wish he’d stare a little less.
B. His mother, thanking you for the thoughtful hostess gifts.
C. His grandfather, who says that there aren’t enough women like you anymore.
D. His kid sister, who asks if you could come speak to her class on Career Day.


3. His birthday is coming up. What do you give him?
A. Strawberries, whip cream, and handcuffs.
B. The watch that he was eyeing 5 months ago.
C. A romantic home-cooked dinner and massage.
D. A book signed by his favorite artist or writer.


4. You overheard your boyfriend bragging about you on the phone to his posse. What was he saying?
A. My girl has a better rack than Scarlett Johansson.
B. Yeah, it’s amazing that she scored tickets to the game tonight. It’s been sold out for weeks.
C. I love coming home to her after a hard day at work.
D. She really understands me better than anyone else.


5. Fill in the blank: Your seduction style is similar to that of a ____:
A. Burlesque star – always leave them wanting more
B. Commando – dangerous and calculated
C. Flower child – gentle and loving
D. Muse – sexy and inspirational

How did you score?

Mostly A’s:

While your friends may have idolized SJP, you always took your notes from Samantha’s playbook on Sex and the City. So it’s not surprising that you’re Marin’s Trophy/Sexual Obsession type. While other wives stay up late wondering where their men are, you can rest easy in your La Perla lingerie knowing your man would never attempt an Eliot Spitzer. Your bombshell vivacity makes you a possession he never truly possesses, so, congratulations on keeping it fresh, you foxy minx!

Mostly B’s:

You’re detail-oriented. You’re thoughtful. You know exactly where you’ll be six months from today. You’re the Organizer. When you’re not planning your next amazing couples vacation to Barbados, you’re picking out emergency greeting cards for his nieces just in case. While (jealous) others may chide your lack of spontaneity, your man appreciates knowing he can count on you to keep the household running smooth. So, be proud, girlfriend – you are the glue keeping it all together.

Mostly C’s:

Mama always said the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach and you’ve never been afraid to bake. You’re the Nurturer. Besides three squares a day, you give your man all the huggin’ and cuddlin’ you know he secretly needs. Other women may take their cues from the Gloria Steinem rulebook to life, but not you; you’re a gentle soul who embraces her femininity and enjoys domestic pursuits. Just don’t be afraid to put yourself first every once in a while, your honey will be glad for the opportunity to show you how thankful he is for all that you do.

Mostly D’s:

The Clintons. Brangelina. Posh and Becks. They say behind every great man is a great woman, but why shouldn’t she be out in front? You are the Collaborator, your mate’s intellectual and/or creative counterpoint. As a power couple, you challenge and inspire each other and always settle differences by passionate debate. Whether in life or bed, your man loves to see you reach your full potential, so don’t worry about occasionally leaving him behind. It will only make him work harder.

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