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Get healthy hair this summer!

Nearly every woman has to deal with flyaway hair once in a while, especially during the summer when the combination of heat and humidity sends your hair into a frizzy tizzy. Humidity and hair just don’t mix. After all, when all of that extra moisture in the air hits your hair, the cuticles swell and expand to create that fuzzy halo effect better known as frizz. Even worse, if your hair is dried out from too much fun in the sun, you get a brittle fly-away mane. But you don’t have to spend your summer fretting unruly hair. Try these tips and keep your hair healthy, smooth and sexy all season long!

Frizzy Hair


After washing your hair with a moisture-infused shampoo (look for products containing B vitamins and vitamins A and E, avocado oil, almond oil or aloe), get generous with the conditioner. The extra moisture will work to tame fly-aways and nourish your hair. Every other day, use double the amount of conditioner you usually use (but be careful – too much can weigh your hair down). And as you are conditioning, carefully comb through your hair to evenly distribute moisture. Have extra dry hair? Apply a leave-in conditioner, like Fructis Sleek Leave-In Conditioner, which will create a shield between the humidity and your hair as it dries. For an added bonus, leave it in at night to get extra-lush locks as you sleep.


When you step out the shower, avoid rubbing your hair with a towel. The rough terrycloth against your hair cuticles can lead to instant frizz. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water with your hands or a t-shirt, then gently comb through your tresses with an extra-wide comb to prevent breakage.


Product-free hair is just begging for frizzies, so stock up on the essentials. Experts recommend a serum with silicone or keratin, two ingredients that stop cuticles from swelling on hot and humid days, to fight off frizz (try Zero Frizz’s Corrective Hair Serum or Citre Shine’s Miracle Anti-Frizz Serum). Take a dollop and rub between your palms, then coat your hair from the nape of your neck forward to the hairline around your face. If you have curls, scrunch as you apply the product to get maximum definition to your ringlets.


The final step to healthier hair? Break out the blow dryer! The extra heat from your dryer will seal in moisture and shine while keeping straight locks smooth. As you dry, wrap 3-inch sections around a round, vented brush with a blend of boar and nylon bristles (try the Warren-Tricomi medium round vented brush). If you are a curly girl, wrap ringlets around your fingers and let your hair air dry, or use a diffuser, continuing to scrunch as you dry. To minimize damage to your hair, do not keep ultra hot air blowing on one section of your hair. Blow dry on a lower heat and move the dryer and your hair around.


If you are thinking about skipping the salon this summer, think again. Regular trims will get rid of frizz-inducing split ends and keep your hair healthy. So see a stylist every eight to 10 weeks. Your mane will look and feel healthier and you will be saying goodbye to frizz and hello to sexy hair.

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