Get a tennis-toned body and cause a racquet this summer!

Jun 27, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. ET

As Wimbledon heats things up across the pond, tennis is the hot topic of the week. But you don't need to be a Williams' sister to get into the game or to snag yourself a tennis-toned body. Here is more info about tennis that will really get you in the fitness swing of things!

Woman Playing Tennis


Just look at tennis pros like Venus and Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova and you see the kind of lean mean results tennis can bring to your body. All of that swinging and dashing around the court tones your arms, legs, shoulders, core and back, plus you can burn about 570 calories during a one-hour singles match (and about 330 calories if you play doubles).

And when it comes to aerobic activity, tennis rules. A typical tennis match is similar to an interval workout. You alternate intense bursts of speed (running around the court or diving for balls) with 20 to 30 seconds of recovery (waiting for your partner to serve and breaks between sets). And since interval training improves the structure and function of your arteries as much as endurance exercises, tennis keeps your ticker in top shape.


Ready to get started? Grab a racquet, a pair of sneakers, and some balls, and then hit the court! To get you swinging, try these tennis pro tips, courtesy of

GET THE GEAR: You don't need to spend much to become a tennis ace. As a beginner, go for low-cost equipment (check out this handy gear guide for pointers). As your game improves you can upgrade your equipment and apparel to maximize your abilities.

TAKE LESSONS: Learning from a tennis ace is a great way to get started and teach you the in's and out's of the game. To find a tennis instructor near you, check out and punch in your ZIP code.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Playing with a friend is tons of fun, but you don't always need a partner to practice. Find a brick wall to hit against or bounce balls off your racquet to get comfortable with the moves of the game.

More of an indoor sports sort? Try high-tech tennis, courtesy of Nintendo's Wii.

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