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Race for the Cure

Lace up those tennis shoes and get ready to rev your engine as you prepare for the Komen Race for the Cure® event. The race is planned in over 100 cities with more than a million people predicted to participate in 2008. Komen Race for the Cure® is a 5K run/walk which raises money for breast cancer research and education and raises awareness about breast cancer and early detection strategies. The event also serves as an event to honor those who have died from breast cancer and serves as a symbol of hope for achieving the goal of a world free from breast cancer. Participation in this 5K run/walk requires some preparation, so here are a few strategies you can use to lace up and get ready to go.

Up your horsepower

Gather friends and co-workers and form a team who can train together, laugh together, fundraise together, and participate in the race together. Develop creative fundraising ideas in order to raise more money in the fight against breast cancer. The money raised goes towards local, national, and global efforts towards research on treatments, detection methods, and towards finding a cure. The money also goes towards educational efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer and the vital necessity of early detection practices, such as breast self exams and mammography.

Tune up

Training is important before participating in any fitness event (always check with your doctor first before starting any exercise regimen). It is important to start out slowly with walking on a regular basis and then up your exercise routine based upon whether you choose to run or walk in the event. Try to make a plan to exercise four to five times a week alternating running and cross training (cardio activity other than running or walking), and include some strength training as well to help build muscle. Always do active stretching before and after you exercise and do a warm-up and cool down regimen each time you exercise. Also, remember to include days of rest to allow your body time to rejuvenate. If at anytime during your exercise routine something is painful, stop that activity and talk with your doctor before continuing any exercise.

Tank up

Just as your car needs fuel to run, so does your body. Food and hydration are just as important to a safe, fun, and successful race as is training. Ensure you are eating enough carbohydrates to give you energy and make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. Sports drinks are beneficial because they help replace the electrolytes lost during exercise. Eating well-balanced meals with fruits, vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates is important to keeping your body fueled and ready for optimal performance.

Detail time

Make sure that you are wearing a pair of shoes that have been broken in and fit well. Get some pink gear that shows your support for and commitment to the fight against breast cancer. Apply your pink war paint and prepare yourself as a warrior ready for battle – to fight to find a cure for breast cancer.

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