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What is your lovelife persona?

Every woman has several different sides to her personality, but when it comes to relationships, which one is running the show? The heart-breaker? The romantic? The crazy, crying nut? Take our quiz below to reveal just who your love-struck alter-ego is.

Dating Personalities

1. You have a major crush on a co-worker. Your strategy

A. Beam your megawatt smile at him until he figures it out.
B. Ask him if he has time to bounce some ideas around over coffee
C. Recruit his friend in marketing to find out if he likes you


2. A friend offers to play matchmaker and set you up. She says he’s good-looking and fun. You:
A. Answer yes. Why not?
B. Answer yes, but only if you can pick the place and time.
C. Go home and Google/Facebook/Myspace him before deciding whether to go or not.


3. A fabulous first date would include:
A. A picnic on the beach, flowers, and wine.
B. Drinks at your favorite bar and possibly dinner afterwards if things gel.
C. A double date alongside your BFF and her man.

4. After an amazing evening, your date says goodnight. Do you:

A. Gaze up into his eyes and hope for a kiss?
B. Invite him in for coffee, even though you don’t own a coffee pot?
C. Invite him in for coffee and spend the rest of the night talking?

5. The guy you’ve been seeing answers his cell phone at dinner. You think this is:

A. Understandable.
B. Irritating.
C. Suspicious.


6. It’s been 3 days and he hasn’t called back. You:
A. Give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he could be The One.
B. Haven’t noticed.
C. Are worried he may have lost your number and have sent multiple text messages and emails just in case.

7. Which song best describes your last breakup:

A. So Close (Yet So Far Away) – Hall & Oates
B. He Cried – Morrissey
C. I Just Called to Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder


How did you score?

Mostly A’s:

You’re exuberant. You’re hopeful. You can recite the lines to The Princess Bride by heart. You’re a Romance Junkie. In a world full of booty texts and random hookups, you long for someone to send you a love letter. Sometimes you think you were born in the wrong decade, but don’t despair. Your Wesley may have been momentarily sidelined, but his princely pecs will come for you in the end. So keep your hopes high. It’s what you do best. 

Mostly B’s:

As a fiercely independent woman, you know you don’t need to wait by your phone in order to have a good time. You’re charismatic. You’re calculating. You leave a trail of broken-hearts in your wake. You are Love’s CEO. By treating your romantic encounters like business transactions, you keep disappointment in check, but you miss out on the spontaneous bursts of passion you crave. So don’t be afraid to invest in someone and wear your heart on your sleeve. It won’t clash with your Armani.

Mostly C’s:

So you’ve managed to stay in touch with everyone you’ve ever slept with. The Rules? What Rules? You make your own because you’re a Stage 5 Clinger. When you’re not blogging your relationships in real time, you are crying to anyone who will listen how he never called back. It’s not that he’s not into you, it’s just that no one can ever be into you that much. So go home, resist the urge to speed-dial, and take a long bath.

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