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How to tell if he’s about to propose

Are you wondering when or if your guy is ever going to propose to you? Bridal experts Urusla Guyer and Stacy Senechalle say that these six signs usually indicate whether your guy is getting ready to pop the question.

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1. Saving money

If you notice that your guy is watching his dollars more carefully and going out with the guys less or generally being more frugal about his spending, something is up. An engagement ring and a dream wedding aren’t not cheap and unless he’s getting ready to make some other type of huge commitment that you are aware of (i.e. buying a house, car or starting a new business), he’s probably gearing up to save up for your bling.

2. Commenting on someone else’s jewelry

Most men hardly know or care about the difference between pear-shaped and princess-cut, so if he’s asking questions, he’s probably doing his research.  Jennifer U.’s husband found out what kind of ring she wanted without directly asking her,”I’m a really picky person so my husband was extra careful about trying to get the right ring because he knows I wouldn’t hesitate to ask him to exchange it! We were shopping one day and he led me over to the jewelry section and started asking me questions about what I liked and he had the speaker phone on his cell phone on the whole time so that his best friend’s wife could listen in and take notes. I had no clue until he told me later on!”

3. Missing ring

A smart guy will make sure to grab one of your rings to get it sized for your finger. “I knew my boyfriend didn’t know my ring size cause he’s never bought me one, so I was surprised when my engagement ring fit me perfectly. When I asked him later on how he figured out my size, he said he stole an old ring I stopped wearing to find out my size”, says Kendra T.

4. Weird behavior

Asking someone to marry you is not an easy task, so your guy might start acting strange because of all the stress and pressure. If he’s not acting like his cool, calm and collected self, he’s probably rehearsing his proposal in his mind, day and night! 

5. Nowhere to be found

He’s going to need a discreet time to shop around for your ring. Alicia Z. started getting suspicious when she couldn’t reach her boyfriend during his lunch hour at work. “I couldn’t reach him during his break at work either on his cell phone or his work phone every day for a couple of weeks so I started thinking he was having an affair at work! But, he was really looking for my ring,” says a now happily married Alicia.  If your boyfriend also claims he’s really busy and isn’t spending any time with you, he’s probably making plans for the special occasion so give him the benefit of the doubt!

6. Away For the Weekend

If your guy strangely goes away without you and he’s not with his friends or family members, he’s probably meeting your parents to ask permission to marry you, the old-fashioned way.

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