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Top 5 celebrity wedding trends

You may not make as much money as Hollywood’s A-List celebrities, but that doesn’t have to stop you from planning a glamorous wedding inspired by the stars. According to StrictlyWeddings, the following are the top five celebrity wedding trends that you can use when planning for your very own lavish affair.

Bride with Veil

Inspired favors

Most couples offer their guests a favor as a thank you for coming to their wedding. They usually consist of candy or something monogrammed, but you don’t fall into this clichéd trap.

Look to Hollywood and embrace a more interesting way of showing your appreciation for your guests. If you are marrying into another culture, do what actress Anna Chlumsky (“My Girl”) did and give away something that’s representative of the culture. In her case, it was chopsticks. Other ideas include giving female guests colorful bangles for an Indian wedding or candy apples if you’re from New York.

It doesn’t even have to be culturally-inspired. It could just represent what you and your future husband enjoy. If you are into ’80s rock, give your guests a CD of your favorite tunes. Make your wedding favors personal, and they will be more meaningful.

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Wedding centerpiece ideasLook to nature

Apparently landscaping is the latest trend for wedding decorations. Instead of standard flowers for centerpieces, celebrity wedding planner Michele Rago says the new trends are bead-strewn crystal candelabras, potted herbs and even mushrooms.

A landscaping theme might include moss, pretty bowls or even something more rustic — like getting married on a ranch, as did Jenna Bush.

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know that Veils are back in

Recently out of fashion, it seems the dramatic veil is making a comeback. Celebrities are apparently into them again. Don’t feel as if the reception is off-limits from the veil either. 

Dance like the stars

With the rash of reality shows that focus on dancing (i.e. Dancing with the Stars), it seems more people are taking their cue when it comes to their first dance together as husband and wife. If you want to make a serious impression at your reception (like singer Katherine McPhee did, complete with twirls and dips), then take your intended to a dance class and learn the waltz, fox trot, rumba or jive and dazzle your guests with fancy first dance.

Groom's cakeA cake just for him

This is a southern tradition that is picking up steam. It’s simply a cake that represents something specific about the groom. For instance, jewelry designer Erica Courtney’s son, Josh Cappo, had an armadillo-shaped red velvet cake.

Whether it represents where they’re from, a professional sports team they root for or an activity they participate in, it should be a fun reflection of the groom’s personality and style.

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