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Improve your sex life

With incentives like easier to achieve orgasms, increased flexibility and muscle tone, and an overall ‘wow’ factor that will leave him reeling, the exercises below are sure to make you unforgettable in bed. Improve your sex life now!

Belly Dancing woman

Improve your sex life: Become a kegel master

Why: Launched into the public consciousness by physician Arnold Kegel in the 1940s, a kegel is an exercise that strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, including the all-important pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, allowing you to have a stronger, more toned vagina.

Consider another perk of the kegel: the tension created by contracting the muscles causes blood to flow to the pelvic region, heightening your sexual arousal and potential for longer, more glass-shattering orgasms.

“Most men say that nothing compares to being with a woman who feels tight during the in-and-out, which is a direct result of squeezing and releasing the PC muscle during sex,” says Amy Levine, M.A., a certified sexuality educator and the founder of the website

“Not to mention, the tighter you can grip his penis with your vagina, the more you’ll experience the sensation of being filled, even if he’s on the smaller side.”

How: First locate your PC muscle by either clenching the muscle you use to stop urinating midstream. When you have the feel of things, practice contracting the muscle 3 times a day at 10 reps each, holding each contraction for at least 3 seconds.

Improve your sex life: Make like a camel…

Why: Because becoming loose in yoga class translates to letting loose in between the sheets.

“The more flexible you are, the more fun you’ll have experimenting with positions,” says Levine. “And since many of us are more likely to orgasm when an erogenous spot is stimulated by a certain angle, the better able you’ll be to get into those Cirque du Soleil-like positions.”

How: Tight hip flexors can cause pain during sex, so poses that open them up such as Ustrasana, also known as Camel Pose, can help improve sexual agility.

Recommended for beginners, Camel is a backbend pose resembling a woman on top position. To do this, come up onto your knees from sitting and begin reaching the hands upward along the sides of your body as you start to open the chest. Very carefully reach your hands backward one at a time and try to grab your heels. Bring your hips forward so they are over the hips. Let your head come back, opening the throat. Hold for 5 seconds.

When all else fails, shake your booty:

Why: “If a woman is unhappy with her figure, exercising in general will help her to embrace her body and be more relaxed in the bedroom, resulting in a Big O,” notes Yvonne K. Fulbright, author of Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots.

While belly dancing and strip aerobics classes are among the latest in cardio fads, (and have the added bonus of a performance element which can be later be utilized in the bedroom) any workout that gets you sweaty and increases your stamina is beneficial.

How: At home, try dancing alongside Carmen Electra in her Aerobic Striptease series or with the ladies of the Ultimate Bellydance Fitness Workout.

More sexy exercises and ways to improve your sex life:


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