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Plan a guy-friendly date

Traditionally, women have always left it up to men to plan the date, which can be a lot of pressure on them. Try taking the load off your man’s shoulders with one of these guy-friendly date ideas below. He’ll love that you’re taking charge and you’ll love knowing exactly what your date will entail!

Couple at Baseball Game

According to our friends at The, taking him on a guy-friendly date is simple: “First, swing by a kid’s playground and coo over the cute babies while you compare favorite baby names. Next, take him to see ‘Dear John’ and share a — small, with no butter! — popcorn and diet soda. Lastly, let him walk you home but only let him give you a peck on the cheek. Just kidding. Do the anti-thesis of all of that.” Perhaps this would work better…

Go golfing for a great man-friendly dateSports

Anything that gets the adrenaline pumping is sure to turn your man on. Try playing golf or taking tennis lessons together or let him teach you how to play his favorite sport. Of course, the traditional way of going to watch his favorite team play will thrill him to bits. He’ll be ecstatic about letting you enter his world.


Anything that includes getting out of your comfort zone will surely pull him in.  Learn something new such as dancing, cooking, wine tasting or an introduction to learning a foreign language. Learning a new skill together will make you bond.

An Adventure

What guy wouldn’t like to go skydiving, deep-sea fishing or try out a particularly terrifying ride at a amusement park? Show him that you are up for anything he is and watch his admiration grow for you.

A Meal

You know how they say a way to a man’s heart is through is stomach? It’s absolutely true. If you’re trying to especially please your man, make sure his taste buds are completely satisfied. If you like cooking, prepare him a home-cooked meal or if you’re a complete klutz in the kitchen, make reservations at his favorite restaurant from ahead of time, without letting him now. It seems like a simple idea, but nothing is more satisfying than enjoying your favorite meal.

A Massage

You don’t have to be a professional to learn how to give each other massages. Giving each other a foot massage or hand massage will relax you and will definitely lead to something more engaging.

A Test-Drive

Men love their cars. Plan a day to test drive some impossibly expensive cars such as a Porsche. It’s probably the only form of window-shopping most guys won’t be pouting throughout!

A Weekend-Getaway

Men love doing the unexpected much more than women do. Plan a romantic weekend at a Bed and Breakfast or Inn that is a couple of hours away. He’ll love the idea of spending a weekend with you all alone!

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