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Keeping a long distance relationship red-hot

I’ve been in a long distance relationship for two years now and let’s just say, having a vivid imagination is a very necessary skill. But contrary to what most people might think, it is possible to have a great sex life in a long distance relationship. In fact, studies say that couples who are long distance have a better sex life than most. Here are some ideas for keeping things steamy when the fire’s far away.

Couple in a long distance relationship map

Long distance love tip #1Have phone sex

This is probably the most popular method of keeping the fire alive in a long distance relationship. Masturbate to the sounds of your lover’s voice over the telephone. You can even give each other directions, telling your lover exactly what you’d like him to do to him, and what you want him to do to you. Long distance lovers tend to shed their inhibitions faster since they have to rely on unordinary methods of communication, so don’t worry about being shy about talking about sex in such explicit terms. You’ll soon get used to it.

Long distance love tip #2Use a web cam

Do a little strip tease in front of the web cam for your love to turn up the heat. You might not be next to each other, but you could show each other exactly what you’re missing.

Long distance love tip #3Chat or text message him

Chatting online or text messaging is a great alternative to having phone sex. In fact, it could help you ease into having phone sex! Writing down your fantasies is a lot easier than saying it over the telephone, so play out all your secret fantasies through the written word.

Long distance love tip #4Send him a love letter

Revive the old-fashioned love letter. Don’t let your lover know that he’s supposed to be expecting a sensuous letter from you in the mail. Reading such erotic words written in your handwriting will be a pleasant surprise and a huge turn on.

Long distance love tip #5Make him a love package

Instead of cookies, pastries, flowers and the like, send your long distance love a package that contains erotic novels, a hot DVD, and sex toys. Whether or not he chooses to use all of the materials you sent is up to him, but it will surely bring a smile to his face.

Long distance love tip #6Watch a sexy show or movie together

You could both tune into the same hot show or rent the same DVD and watch it while you chat and play.

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