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Wedding day beauty tips

Are you walking down the aisle this summer? Of course you want to look flawless on your wedding day, but your skin might not cooperate. These quick fixes will help you get through any beauty dilemmas you encounter on your wedding day.

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Undereye circles

Wedding Day makeup

You woke up on your wedding morning with dark circles under your eyes. Don’t freak out! To cover up undereye circles, select a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation. Concealer tends to enhance wrinkles around the eyes. Therefore, if you have fine lines or wrinkles, apply a primer first to fill in the wrinkles before applying concealer.

Use a small, flat brush to apply to concealer to the dark areas. Do not use too much and make sure to blend well. Add a light dusting of translucent powder before applying your normal foundation. You may also consider buying a yellow concealer stick, which will help correct the blue color of undereye circles.


Many brides get blemishes near their wedding day, due to stress. If you wake up with a big pimple, don’t freak out. Don’t be tempted to squeeze or pick. Wash your face normally and apply a topical acne treatment. A little ice should also help reduce inflammation. Your best is to get a cortisone injection from a dermatologist if you have time. Use a green concealer stick before applying makeup to help combat the redness.

To try to avoid blemishes as much as possible leading up to your wedding day, drink plenty of water and get eight hours of sleep every night.

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Cold sores

If you feel a cold sore coming on right before your wedding day, the best bet is Abreva. This topical treatment is available at drug stores and online retailers. And though it’s a little more inexpensive than other brands, it is well worth it. It helps to heal cold sores and reduce swelling very quickly.

On the morning of your wedding, apply ice to the cold sore to reduce swelling. Fortunately, plump lips are in, so likely no one will notice the inflammation but you!

Wedding day makeup

Wedding Day makeup

Every bride should use waterproof mascara, even if you think you won’t cry. You should also avoid shimmery makeup products, which will be show up too white in flash photography. Select matte powders and eye shadows instead.

“Keep shine to a minimum,” says Ann Supple Massey, owner and president of Rouge Cosmetics. “It reflects too much with flash photography, we want you glowing, not shiny!”

Massey says to put the emphasis on your eyes — but that doesn’t mean heavy liner. ” Lashes, lashes, lashes! Add a layer of false lashes, they’re the most natural way to dress up your eyes, even with minimal makeup,” Massey explains.

Makeup artist, Meredith Hayman provides these tips for brides to look picture perfect.

  • Don’t go with a current makeup trend (i.e. neon eyeliner) for your wedding day. You don’t want to look back at your photos years from now and think you looked dated.
  • Skip the super smokey eye on your wedding day. Too much darkness around the eyes can make them look smaller in photographs. You also don’t want any tears to make the bottom eyeliner or mascara run down your face.
  • Blush is the first thing to fade on most people so have your makeup artist pile on the blush when she initially does your makeup.
  • The most important thing to remember when choosing a makeup look for your wedding day is to look like yourself. If you are a natural girl on a daily basis, don’t go too heavy on the makeup or your friends and family (and groom) will think it’s too much. Mr. Right wants to marry the girl he fell in love with, not someone he doesn’t recognize.

Wedding Day makeup

“Schedule a makeup trial with a professional makeup artist so you know the big day will be stress-free and you’ll know exactly what you’ll look like,” suggests Massey.

Whether you are using a makeup artist or not, be sure to have a practice session a few weeks before your wedding to get your makeup just right. Take a few pictures of yourself in the test makeup to make sure that you are getting the look you desire. Wear your practice makeup for several hours and see how it lasts. Your wedding day makeup needs to stay put for 10-12 hours.

The most important thing to remember about wedding day beauty blunders is not to stress out about them. Think about the big picture — you are marrying the man of your dreams and he loves you just the way you are!

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