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Spring specific stratgies for getting in shape

No matter the time of year, most women are either making it a priority to get in shape or maintaining the diet and fitness routine that keeps them from becoming unfit.

But spring is a special time of year to make getting in shape easier than at any other time. Read on and learn how to harness the transitional and transformative power of this season to meet your health goals.


Awaken your awareness

Spring is a time of renewal—plants turn green, flowers blossom and songbirds return. With all this freshness and energy around you, it’s easy to find inspiration in the natural world to help you turn over a new leaf. Remember that our bodies are attuned to this cyclical pattern, and over the dormant winter months you may have gained a little weight. Don’t get discouraged—focus on your urges to get moving again and embrace a renewal of your efforts. The weight will come off!



Walking weather

It can be difficult in the very cold months to exercise outdoors, but spring is the perfect season to get back into a habit of daily exercise. People enjoy simple outdoor exercises such as walking, jogging or biking, and it’s more likely that you’ll perform these activities when the weather is mild and beautiful. Once you establish a habit, you’ll find a way to exercise even when the weather is less than perfect.



Fresh foods

Spring is a great time to return to healthy eating habits. Months of starchy, heavy root and winter vegetables get replaced by light, green and colorful foods such as lettuces, spinach, asparagus, herbs, strawberries, carrots and apricots. Head to your local farmers markets, look for the fresh produce at your grocery store or organic market, and search the Web for recipes featuring those ingredients. Consider outfitting your kitchen with veggie cooking essentials like a steamer, colander and a good chef’s knife for chopping.



Shopping support

After all the heavy sweaters, coats and pants you’ve been wearing this winter, one peek at a store’s spring fashions may give you all the motivation you need. You’ll want to wear the freshest, most feminine spring clothes, which usually means you’ll be showing a lot more skin than you have in months! Use this preview as a motivational tool, finding one spring outfit or style that you want to be able to wear confidently. Then visualize yourself in that outfit every time you head to the gym or go grocery shopping. You’ll be able to reward yourself not only with a new spring look, but also with an energized, in-shape you!

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