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What sex and the city taught me

HBO’s Sex and the City is a show that changed the notions of romance, sex, dating and fashion forever. Millions of viewers idolized Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte for for more than half a decade and as far-fetched as the lives of these glorious city girls were(Jimmy Choos on a columnist’s salary, anyone?), I hardly know of any females that this show didn’t affect. What have I personally picked up from this iconic show? Read on to find out.

Carrie Bradshaw

1. Friends

Friends will always judge you because they love you. It’s impossible for them to be indifferent to something that you’ve done. But, a real friends puts her personal opinions aside and helps you get through whatever you’re facing. Even after you’ve told your best friend that you just slept with your married ex-boyfriend.

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2. The ex factor

No matter who says what or how many real-life examples anyone gives, exes can never remain friends. Something is bound to happen and it if it hasn’t happened yet, just wait and see, it will.

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3. Mr. Wrong

If a man is insecure from the very beginning, trust that this attitude will last. Men hate being upstaged by women.

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4. Sex like a man

Women can’t have sex like men because we aren’t as easy. It takes a lot more effort for us to orgasm. After all, we are the chosen ones.

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5. the price of Fashion

Yes, Manolos always makes everything better but I know better than to think I can afford them on a columnist’s salary.

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6. The gift that doesn’t give

It’s never alright to accept an engagement ring that you hate at first sight. Especially if it’s gold with a pear-shaped diamond.

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7. Good in bed?

Short, balding men are often better in bed than a chiseled man towering at 6’3″.

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8. Pre-marital sex

You can’t tell if a man has difficulties ‘getting it up’ just by looking at him. So, please don’t marry him unless you’ve slept together first.

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9. Turn off

Telling a man your pregnant will obviously not make him want to have sex with you.

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10. Good Vibes

Every girl needs a vibrator. The End.

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