Why size doesn’t matter

With a new sexual partner, there are bound to be worries. Is he going to be good enough? Am I going to be good enough? Is he hygienic? Is he big enough? When I hooked up with Jay for the first time, all those questions stopped right in their tracks, because the guy was very well endowed. In fact, he had the biggest erection I had ever seen and was expecting to be be blown away. Jay’s penis felt stuck down there, with little room for movement. But, the worst part was the pain. Whenever he tried to thrust deeper, a jolt of pain shot through my body. We were hoping the second time around it would get easier. After all, it was just a matter of getting accustomed to his super-sized manhood, right? Nope, it felt stuck again and that is where our relationship ended. That is when I personally learned that size does not matter. See what other women have to say about their size preferences.

Measuring Tape

“What I learned from my psychology of human sexuality class is that the most sensitive part of the vagina is near the opening, so it really doesn’t matter how long a penis is. But, thickness could be important. As for me, I’ve only been with one guy and I’m happy!”
– Jessy W, 21

“With exceptions — thumb-size wangs are another subject — size does not matter if the dude knows how to actually use what he’s got. Some guys with bigger packages have relied too much on their extreme size and have never bothered to perfect their skills.”

The Frisky.com

“Size only matters psychologically. It’s really how guy uses what he has that’s more important. I’ve had sex with guys with decent sized penises I would say”
– Jennifer G, 26

“I was married for four years to a man who had a small penis. I was never sexually satisfied throughout my whole marriage not only because of his size, but also because he was really unimaginative in bed!”
-Katherine H, 33

“It’s all about the performance. Being able to get in different positions is a lot better than having a big penis.”
– Karen G, 23

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