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Drink your way to a summer body

Vitamin waters are the rage – and all those plastic bottles are costly to you as well as to the environment. Why not refill your favorite reusable bottle with water and a vitamin-packed on-the-go drink mix? The newest, most delicious way to take your vitamins, 4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix are quickly becoming a must-have for every woman, especially women on the go. Best yet, you can stay hydrated, take your vitamins, and still keep your summer body – 4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix are calorie-free!

Woman with Water Bottle
4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix are easy to put in your purse or gym tote or even keep in your computer bag. Sally McCracken, vice president at 4C says, “Now with Totally Light2Go, it’s easy for a woman on the go to get the benefit of vitamins while enjoying a great tasting beverage wherever she is. And since Totally Light2Go are sweetened with Splenda, you can add its great taste to your own bottle of water without adding calories or sugar.”

Healthy flavors for the busy woman

4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix are available in three refreshing flavors (and all three provide 100 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C).

Vision: A delicate blend of strawberry and kiwi, Vision boasts the benefits of lutein, vitamins A and C, and essential B vitamins.

Reboot: A colorful combination of passionfruit and citrus flavors, Reboot recharges you with guarana, vitamin C, and four essential B vitamins.

C-Drive: Dragonfruit and acai berry flavors make C-Drive a delicious way to keep your immune system healthy by supplying taurine, vitamin C, zinc, chromium, antioxidants and essential B vitamins.

Drink for the health of it!

Just pour a 4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix into a half liter bottle of water, shake and enjoy! Each packet contains no calories, no carbohydrates, and no fat! Because 4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix are sweetened with Splenda, you won’t have a sugar crash or have to worry about empty calories (a problem with many other vitamin waters on the market).

Staying hydrated is essential to your health, especially in the summer months. With 4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix, you won’t hesitate to drink your daily requirement of water. Even better, you can stay hydrated without sidelining your diet – these vitamin stix can even help you keep that beach body you have been striving for all winter. In addition, adequate hydration partnered with a well-balanced diet, including all of your vitamins and minerals and other nutrients will keep your skin looking beautiful.

You have nothing to lose and only great tasting, nutritious and refreshing drinks of flavored water to gain. For more information on 4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix, visit 4C.

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