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For the Mom who can’t stop talking about her kids…

Everyone knows a mom who can’t help but brag about her kids. This Mother’s Day, help her show off in style with one of these photo gifts. Maybe she’ll brag about you, too!

1. Personalized bling

Birthstone or charm jewelry are the least conspicuous and the classiest way to brag. Find some sparkly mementos at Braglets, Jewel Kids, and Limoges Jewelry.

2. Driven by devotion

She can’t talk on her cell phone while she’s driving, so help her brag hands-free with family car stickers from Our Stick Family and a personalized license plate frame.

3. Close to her heart

A Mother’s Day gift that can’t go wrong? A locket with room for pictures of the angels. After all, what else are lockets for?! Get your keepsake necklace at Amazon.

4. Rest your head on a memory

Because no fancy thread count is better than her children’s faces! has a wide selection of photo pillows, bags, throw blankets and more.

5. Hassle-free printing

Make it easy for her to print out photos and hang them all over her office with the Canon Selphy Compact Printer. Don’t forget to admire how Johnny sits so still for the camera.

6. Their mug on a mug

Kodak Gallery has photo mugs, key chains and more for bragging everywhere and anywhere, including at breakfast.

7. “Say cheese” and hear it, too!

Pre-record a brag session on this Sharper Image Talking Picture 2-Way Frame with Alarm Clock & Temperature for guests to enjoy even if she’s in another room. Oh, technology!

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