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Reignite the passion

Remember when you wanted nothing more than naked time with your man – all the time? Bring back that loving feelin’ with this exclusive guide to reigniting your passion – only at!


The good old days

You remember the passion of early on in your relationship… spending all day long, simmering with longing… looking forward to nightfall when you could see your mate and rip his clothes off.

Those were the days. Now, if you want to get hot, you lean against the stove.

Grown-up toys

If you are eager for a good find in “friends” to bring in, we at have done the tireless research to find the best in help there is: 

1 – Babeland’s ( Eco-Sexy Kit: Having hot sex while being kind to the earth can go beyond dipping your organic strawberries in soy whip. This set includes the very body-friendly Laya Spot vibrator along with a selection of premium, all-natural spa products, including Babeland Body Massage Candles, Emerita Natural Lube, and Mamba condoms.

2 – Hot Plants ( These are no gimmick; they really do work as nature’s natural dietary supplement sex boosters for men and women. The proven sex boosters in Hot Plants include Tongkat Ali, Rhodiola rosea, Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, Ashwagandha, Catuaba, Zallouh, Maca, Siberian Ginseng, Red Ginseng, and Chocolate.

3 – Throw on some hot lingerie, or make your own. (Nothing says dirty games like a naughty school girl ensemble…)

4 – Have fun! We are wild for the new PervArtistry ( adult board game, a titlating fusion of charades and Pictionary with an x-rated slant.

“Women especially shut down sexually after being with a man over time because their heart gets wounded and the man doesn’t know how to heal it. A woman’s heart is connected to her womb. If her heart is wounded, it will close. If her heart is closed…her legs are closed,” says couples counselor Jane Fendelman, MC ( She supports the use of tantric sex and the ancient healing arts in bridging the gap.

Show your love

Staying sexy and keeping the romance alive is intrinsic to making it last. Nicole Matthias, president of, says some ideas to resuscitate romance are:

  • Leave a love note– Leaving a note for your love is a thoughtful and easy way to let them know that you’re thinking about them. Just leave a little note on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator, in their briefcase, etc that says something sweet such as “Have a good day!” or “I can’t wait to see you tonight” or even “Will be thinking of you today.” This unexpected find can not only brighten their day but remind them that you love them.
  • Surprise dinner – Instead of picking up takeout on the way home, plan to make their favorite meal and eat it with the TV off! Light candles and set the table with the good china and get a nice bottle of wine. The time you put into it is what makes it special.
  • Send an e-card – There are lots of sites that offer free e-cards and all it takes is a few minutes during your lunch break to pick one, personalize it and send it off. It’s a welcomed interruption to their gazillion junk mail, conference reminder emails and customer emails.
  • Lingerie fashion show – You can do it all in one night or for an entire week. Ladies, you can try on lingerie and do a little runway walk or sexy dance. Keep changing outfits while he admires your body in each one. Add some edibles into the mix for a few outfits or special hands on feature. Gentleman: Pick out some lingerie items that you want to see her in and have her model them for you. We want to know what you like!
  • Sexual adventure – Instead of leaving Hershey kisses in the shape of a heart on the bed, try chocolate body topping. Make it romantic and sexy by taking your time licking it off their body from top to bottom. When you spend time adoring their body you let them know that you truly care about them and their pleasure.
  • Don’t wait – Don’t wait for a special occasion to do something romantic. It’s almost expected and therefore loses some of its meaning. You want to surprise them with something small but thoughtful that expresses your love in a different way than usual. Reminders of your feelings for your lover won’t go unappreciated!
  • Bring In some friends- I’m talking about sexual enhancers, adult toys or massage oils. Sometimes adding something a little extra can cause you to linger on your lover’s hot spots a little longer. There are a number of products that are great for couples. I recommend a vibrating erection ring. It helps him to last longer while providing her with maximum pleasure.

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