Hear how to get fit: Download podcast workouts!

Mar 20, 2008 at 7:17 p.m. ET

Why hire a personal trainer when you've got an iPod? Downloadable workouts put an exercise expert right in your ear. Check out our picks for the top exercise training podcasts to get -- and keep -- you moving.

Podcast workouts

There's nothing like a few pump-you-up playlists to keep you motivated as you sweat through a workout. After all, according to a scientific review by the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, listening to up-tempo tunes during a workout can distract you from the grueling work, motivate you to push harder, and improve motor coordination. Even better? With these podcast workouts, you can get a trainer's advice and instruction along with your tunes.

Here's a selection of top training podcasts and downloadable workouts that will psych you up for a killer sweat session!


Nike doesn't just do shoes and gear – the company has put their Swoosh stamp of approval on a variety of workouts available on iTunes. Narrated by today's top sports stars, including Lance Armstrong and Serena Williams, your "coach" will guide you through 40-minute running or power-walking sessions, offering encouragement along the way. A bonus? With the fitness training tips, you get tunes, too! Artists like Beck and the Black Eyed Peas will keep you eagerly exercising. Price: $12.99 (includes 13 songs) from iTunes.


You know those songs that get you super-psyched to workout, the ones with the beats that seem to match your pace, step for step? With Podrunner, you will get an hour of those kinds of pump-you-up songs set to specific beats per minute (BPM). Simply figure out your target heart rate and download a 60-minute playlist to match how hard you want to work (the higher the BPM, the faster the beat). These beats will help you keep your pace – and keep you grooving – from warm-up to cool down. Price: Free downloads from DJStevboy


Can't make it to the gym? You can still get in your cardio class with iTRAIN's variety of workouts including stretching, sculpting, strength, rowing, cycling and treadmill training. Hosted by trainer-to-the-stars Grace Lazenby, you get the Hollywood treatment from the comfort of your home as you sweat to these 30-minute workouts. Price: $4.99 at iTRAIN

Couch to 5K

If you are ready to step up to the challenge of competing in your first road race, the aptly-titled Couch to 5K podcast will help you do just that. Perfect for beginners, these workouts will ease you into a training regimen designed to get just about anyone ready to run or walk a 5K in just 9 weeks. Price: Free downloads at c25k

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