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You’re never too old for an Easter basket

No one said growing up was easy. While we were ready to face our slowing metabolisms and fine lines and wrinkles, none of us was adequately prepared for our first snub by the Easter Bunny.

While initially hurt, we soon realized that Mr. Bunny’s actions were truly a gift: We were now in charge of our Easter baskets. See you later, Chocolate Bunny – Hello, Rabbit.

Not convinced you can replace your beloved Cadbury Crème Eggs? Take a look at the below roundup of “grownup” Easter Basket treats. We guarantee they will satisfy more than just your sweet tooth.

Free Willy

Is a decorated eggshell really worth all that work and mess? Pacify your creative cravings and boost your man’s ego (and your libido) with the Clone a Willy Kit: Chocolate. This easy-to-follow, four-step kit leaves you with an exact, edible replica of your man’s, um, manhood. This is our idea of “junk” food.

The Clone a Willy Kit: Chocolate is available for $29.95 at

Bulls Eye

The only time we recommend tattooing your significant other’s name on your body is when it can be washed off, or in the case or the Edible Tattoo Kit, licked, kissed and/or massaged off.

Use a paintbrush or pre-cut stencils with sayings such as “Kiss This Spot” to create chocolate frosting tattoos. “Happy Easter” has never looked so sexy.

You can find The Edible Tattoo Kit for $18 at

Everyone Wins

Combining one of our most erogenous zones with one of the world’s best aphrodisiacs, Tom and Sally’s Handmade Chocolates’ Chocolate Pasties are an adult Easter Basket essential. Stick them on with the kit’s enclosed peanut butter, and enjoy!

Tom and Sally’s Handmade Chocolates’ Chocolate Pasties are available for $9.99 at

Sweet and Sexy

Many couples find edible underwear to be a key ingredient in the recipe for a fun night. While we understand the allure, after trying them out for ourselves, we think they’re about as tempting as Kidney Pie.

Luckily, offers a wonderful substitute – the Candy Garter. Tease your significant other at Easter brunch, then head to the bedroom for dessert.

Get your own Candy Garter for $6.95 at

Pop to It

Add some “pop” to your Easter morning with Sizzling Body Candy. This strawberry-flavored candy dust fizzes (just like Pop Rocks) when wet. Create your own version of an Easter egg hunt by drawing a tantalizing trail that will lead your man to the ultimate prize.

Sizzling Body Candy is available for $6 at

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