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Put a stop to fear and doubt

We are a product of our creative mind. Every day we enter new dimensions of creativity. The insight into our creative mind centers around our interests and obsessions. But if we are filled with self-doubt, the end result is anything but exceptional. That is why I suggest firing one’s conscience so that the mind can step out of fear and doubt.

Being bogged down by one’s conscience causes an argument with one’s self and the end result of all arguments, regardless of whom they are with, leaves us uninspired. To stimulate one’s mind into new insights we must come to terms with our self. How do we do this? We must fire our conscience.

Firing one’s conscience is like jumping into a leaf pile. We emerge with glowing cheeks and sparkling eyes. There are no set of rules to pass by our inner voice so self-acceptance flourishes.

When we fire our conscience we pamper our mind, body and soul. We are in harmony, in synch with our self. It is interesting. When we fire our conscience we realize that our mind is the ultimate sanctuary. What was before haunting is now therapeutic. When we fire our conscience we gain the deepest insight into our nature. Jealousy is a place far, far away and envy is no longer an inner force that keeps us up at night.

When we fire our conscience there is a change of attitude. You may not think so immediately, but it is apparent to others. There is room for discovery when guilt is moved out. Personal discovery is the ultimate breakthrough. You can address the world when you are able to see beyond the ordinary.

We have a narrow range of ourselves when we are under our conscience’s thumb. We settle into a fog of mindfulness crumbling in the regulations that we have imposed upon ourselves. Under our conscience’s watchful eye are never able to ease our mind.

Here are some tips on how to fire your conscience:


1.  Concentrate on the creative part of yourself.

I’m in here, somewhere! You can easily find me in my quality traits. Under my conscience’s set of rules I used to get lost in my shortcomings. My conscience was such a distraction that I couldn’t focus on my traits. I was constantly editing myself.  Now that I am concentrating on my creative self, I have made patting myself on the back part of my daily routine.

2. Tap into all that you have been told that your not.

This is where you use your cosmic energy to give yourself credit for your good points. The long term impact of thinking of the talents you could be putting to use puts you in a therapeutic state of calm.

3. Take back control of your own influence.

Under the realm of your own influence, workflow capabilities increase, job performance skills increase and you manage your time more effectively because you don’t live under the thumb of guilt and self-doubt. Under the realm of your own influence you realize you are composed of feelings and you acknowledge them. Our abilities bloom when we water down all forms of self-denial.

It is only when we fire our conscience can our body surge with excitement at the fresh perspectives before us.

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