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Wanna cyber?

One of the standing jokes of the Internet deals with cyber sex. Despite being considered a joke, nearly everyone has tried it, at least once. Some people have tried it more than once. As technology advances, people have left phone sex and moved to cyber and text sex. While it’s not something that is going to be completely fulfilling all on its own, if you are using it for foreplay or to spice up your relationship you might find that it is well worth your while.

The problem is that most people don’t know how to do it. The key, as with most things, comes with imagination. Imagine what you are doing to your lover and tell them step by step. If this is hard for you (it can take some practice) try closing your eyes and picturing the steps in your mind before you put them down on the screen.

To give you some help, try the following tips to enhance your cyber experience.

Do things you might not normally do

If you want your lover to have the experience of a lifetime, give him something that he doesn’t get at home. Are you normally one to shy away from oral or anal sex? If you are then why not offer it to him in cyber? This will get him nice and hot and get him ready for you when he hops in your bed at the end of the night.

Describe all those naughty details – Description is key!

Use terms like “Can you feel me _________” or “I want you to touch my __________”. Describe every little detail. Tell him what your tongue is doing. Tell him how tight you feel. Most importantly, don’t forget to tell himwhat you’re wearing and how you’re taking it off.

Say things you feel you can’t normally say

If you’re shy this is definitely the place to learn how to talk dirty. Using the computer tends to open up people’s inhibitions allowing them to say things that they wouldn’t have dreamed of saying otherwise. Use words you might normally avoid. Say cock, pussy, and whatever words you won’t use when you’re together face to face and tell him what you are doing to his _________ or what you want him to do to yours.

Take Control

Whether you are naturally dominant or not, most men enjoy when a woman hops on top of him to initiate hot sex. Send him a message telling him you want to suck his cock. Better yet, don’t tell him. Just describe shoving him back in his chair, sinking to your knees, and unzipping his fly with your teeth. Believe me when I say it will definitely get you both moving in the right direction.

Cyber is one of the many fun ways to add spice to your relationship. It can get your foreplay moving long before you’re together and make sure that you’re ready when you finally have some time together.

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