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Women’s bladder weakness

We’ve all heard it. We’ve probably all said it. And chances are we weren’t kidding.

“I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! Almost. OK, maybe a little. Alright, more than once.”

Sixteen million American women experience little bladder leaks and while 10 percent of women under the age of 65 have experienced light bladder weakness, 35 percent of women over 65 experience it. That’s one in three. So why are we so afraid to talk about it? “Bathroom talk is tricky,” said Christine, 28. “The word ‘incontinence’ is uncomfortable and a bit too — revealing.” Christine, a new mom, said while pregnant she lost bladder control and had frequent, sudden urges to urinate. She now uses Poise ® moderate absorbency pads with wings to protect against leaks. Even as a woman in her early 20’s, Christine said she had some bladder leakage at inopportune moments. “It always happened when I laughed really hard,” Christine said. “I would be out with friends, laughing, and then the urge would come and there was nothing I could do.” Some of Christine’s would-be best memories are marred by her leaky bladder and her fear of being found out.Janet, 62, said she never told anyone about her light bladder weakness, not even her husband. After three children and menopause, Janet said changes in her body made it difficult for her to control her bladder. Her condition brought her shame and worry — she had no idea that what she was experiencing was normal until her 31-year-old daughter called her complaining of similar symptoms. “I thought hmm … that sounds awfully familiar!” Janet remembers, and she wondered if it could be a genetic disorder. “I called my doctor to find out,” Janet said. “She told me it probably wasn’t hereditary but it was quite common, which was a surprise to us all!”Many women find relief from leaky bladders through simple Kegel exercises and an increasingly active lifestyle. But even more find peace of mind by coming out of the bathroom and realizing that they are not alone in their struggles with light bladder weakness.”By far the worst part was the embarrassment,” Amy, 42, said. “The leaky bladder is manageable and the exercises are doable. But having to hide and feeling somehow defective was too much.”Sponsored by: Poise ®

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