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Body blossoms will do you right

When I say this toy will do you right, I am not kidding. This small, seemingly timid toy has a hidden power you’ll discover when you use it. Even better, at the price of only $40, it is an affordable, sex toy for those who want something strong, but can’t afford a luxury vibrator. The Body Blossom is a toy that comes with multiple uses. You will love this whether you prefer vaginal or clitoral stimulation.

As a sex toy reviewer, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the Body Blossom. I have had a chance to review some pretty wicked toys and I find the more I do, the more I tend to drift towards the luxury toys, leaving the lower priced toys behind. So, when this showed up I almost wrote it off, just by the way it looks. The professional in me wanted to give it a try without bias though, so I pushed those negative thoughts from my mind, put in the batteries, and fired it up.

Testing it on my hand first (something that I always do), I found that the vibrations were more powerful than I would have imagined. This immediately upped the value, for me. I like strong vibrations in my toys, so things were looking good, so far. I also love the design of this toy. Made of silicone, the Body Blossom is pliable, but is firm enough to get the job done. The curved shaft has deep curves and indents that will send shivers of pleasure through your entire body.

Meanwhile, the blossom that is pressed to the bullet will feel excellent as it rubs against the most sensitive flesh you have. While I thought that it would feel somewhat odd using it with clitoral stimulation, the bumps and ridges on the petal of the flower added to the stimulation in ways that I did not imagine. This is perfect for g-spot stimulation, clit play, and general sex. After using it for a variety of purposes, I found that this is definitely orgasm-able, which I cannot say for many of the smaller toys I have come in contact with lately.

The Body Blossom uses watch batteries for the main power source. In the package, you will find six batteries that have been included for you. The batteries seem to last a fairly long time, so you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing them right away, and even when you do, watch batteries tend to be fairly inexpensive.

Taking into account the price and the excitement value the Body Blossom this is highly recommended for new toy users and aficionados that are looking for something worthwhile to add to their collection. While I was skeptical in the beginning, I ended up liking this toy quite a bit.

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