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Top 6 tips for freeing your mind

“Cleaning” usually means airing out and tidying up your home — but it can also mean airing out and tidying up your attitude.

Organize your life

Here are six ways to spring clean your mind in order to live a happier life.

1. Let go of old wounds.

Find a way to resolve your feelings of resentment, hatred or jealousy toward the people in your life. Purge your negative feelings by focusing on what’s good in your life and move forward with a more positive, lighter and healthier attitude.

2. Face your obstacles positively and with humor.

Yes, bad things happen, but dwelling on the negative and letting it bring you down emotionally isn’t going to fix anything. Instead, deal with your problems in a positive manner and you’ll get through the dark times much easier.

3. Open your life up to new experiences, challenges and ways of dealing with things.

Nothing reinvigorates the soul like getting out of a rut and gaining a fresh perspective on life. Tackling problems with new solutions, taking on risks and stepping out of your comfort zone will give you a sense of accomplishment and a new outlook on life.

4. Focus on priorities.

Many times we get bogged down with the mundane things in life and ignore what’s truly important to us. Put a stop to this by placing value on your career, health, family, friends, etc., and focus on these areas of your life instead of all the other distractions.

5. Clear out the clutter.

Organizing the physical stuff around you will help give you peace of mind. Creating a cleaner and neater environment will enable you to truly relax and refresh.

6. Purge toxic relationships.

It’s difficult to do, but redefining relationships that stress you out, drain you, or as they say, “suck the life out of you” will lighten your mental load. Find a way to restructure, or if necessary, end your interactions with toxic bosses, co-workers, friends — and even family members — and you’ll be a much happier person.

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