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3 Must-haves for outdoor exercise

With the winter weather becoming more tolerable and spring fast-approaching, outdoor fitness is near inevitable. But be prepared. These three must-have products can preserve your skin, replenish your sweat-wrung electrolytes, and possibly save your life.

Exercising outdoors can breathe fresh air into your workouts, improve your mood, and even get you more fit than demotivated hours at the gym. However, braving the elements poses some dangers to your body. The sun, though warm and wonderful, can put you at risk for sunburn and even skin cancer. Exercising for long periods of time, especially in hot weather, can deplete your body’s electrolytes. Being in the great outdoors can put you at a greater risk of injury and makes it even more important to carry some form of identification so if something happens to render you unconscious or incoherent.

Sunscreen and lip balm by

Outdoor athletes naturally get more sun exposure than indoor fitness enthusiasts and have a higher risk of getting skin cancer. Standard sunscreens (with SPF 15 or higher) can suffice but optimal sun protection needs to stand up to the rigors of sweat, movement, and weather elements. K2 Endurance Sunblock is a superior non-greasy sunscreen with SPF 50 that adheres to the skin, creating a water-proof and sweat-proof invisible shield that allows the skin to breathe. According to K2, the sunblock was tested in conditions from high altitude winter sleet to scorching dry desert conditions. In addition, the sunblock lotion as well as the lip balm contain soothing moisturizers and antioxidants that combat dry skin caused by exposure to sun, wind, and low-humidity mountain air. As an added safeguard for the sensitive skin of the lips, K2’s Endurance Lip Balm also includes vitamin E and aloe for deep moisturizing.

Electrolyte replacement

Electrolyte replacement with

Working up a sweat is a coveted part of exercise – you know you are working hard and your mind and body feel cleansed. Unfortunately, along with your sweat, your body’s electrolytes get pulled from your body. The primary components of sweat are potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium – all involved in the functioning of your muscles, heart, and other organs. A depletion of electrolytes can cause a decrease in performance, muscle cramping, irregular heart rhythm, and, at worst, death. Athletes commonly drink sports drinks to replace their electrolyte stores – which can cause upset stomach or stomach aches because the liquid is slow to digest, particularly during heavy exercise. Enlyten strips are unique in that they are absorbed through the cheek and gum tissue of the mouth. The strips come in a small pack that can easily fit in a pocket and are available in orange, vanilla berry, and grape flavors. Enlyten strips are easy to carry, quickly absorbed, and will not cause stomach upset that can hinder your training or competing.

Identification device

The iD from

An accident is the last thing you want to think about when you are running through town, cycling up hills, or snowshoeing through the forest. But, accidents do happen and when they do, you may not be able to tell emergency personnel who you are, medical issues they need to be aware of, and who you need contacted. The iD – a USB memory stick – can hold information such as medical history, allergies, medications, donor and living will instructions, emergency contact, and most important your identity, including your photo. The iD’s universal medical symbol makes it readily recognized by emergency personnel, who can read the memory stick and make sure you get the best care based on your medical history and that your loved ones are notified. The iD can be easily attached to a beltloop, zipper-pull, or tied to shoelaces. You should never leave your house without some form of identification. The iD is an essential accessory, especially if you have diabetes or some other medical issues that need to be known in the case of an emergency.

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