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7 ways to improve our lives

The art of wishing has not been lost to the ages. The art of wishing has carried our emotions since the beginning of time. Our wishes are our fairy tales to the world. Our wishes spot us on morning walks, greet us with standing ovation and are the notes flying off the instruments we yearn we could play. Perhaps our wishes are our arrival to the world stage. Wishing is not a second chance at childhood nor is it about how well you take to maturity. Wishing is welcoming the sense of possibility.

Wishing opens up possibilities

When we wish, we capture the fleeting nature of time. When we wish, we no longer totter with impossibility. No longer are we sitting on the couch in our home. Instead we have been dropped in a faraway land of magical feeling unscripted from the core of the earth.
Our wishes are not charged from a home outlet, decreed by a federal judge or upholstered in cashmere, unless we want them to be. Wishing is not formal in manner and delivery. We wish while waiting in traffic, standing in line at the supermarket and while we are placed on hold on the phone.

Our wishes drop us in faraway lands, offer us cute cotton prints and are the extra sparkle we long for in a kiss. Wishing is exploring our creative oasis. Wishing is done in any language, made with smiles and shrugs and is the unscripted reality that headlines our soul. A million wishes move around the world everyday.

Wishing enables us to transcend our limitations and step out of mediocrity. Granted wishes have us leaping from our chair and straying from the world-renowned ensemble of just being human. But there is a magic to wishing. One must wish upon life.

7 ways to wish upon life:


1. be an existence observer.

To be an explorer of the present one must drop behind the atmosphere and bravely travel through apprehension. Strangely comforted, we begin our descent below the horizon of doubt. Watching the stars of our soul reveals our secrets. Focusing on you and the now glides us into our presence. Breathing in the space around us allows us to be a gatherer of time.

2. Fuse with your impulses.

Stepping forward into our past, into our presence and into our future, our wishes become a sense of discovery. When we wish upon life, we exist elsewhere. There are no boundaries. We play with the wind and are a timeless reflection of our own feelings. Wishing upon life takes us far beyond obvious solutions. A different kind of thinking engulfs us. Passing through our insights, we are a cathedral of feeling. When we wish upon life, we feel no obligation, just the space that flows through us. When we wish upon life, we mine our soul for our distinctiveness. When we wish upon life, we align ourselves with our existence, and remind ourselves of our influence in moments that unearth us.

3. When we wish upon life, we must use our influence and step out of the shadows of loss and regret.

We must emit light from our bodies and become glowing creatures. Wishing upon life is like jumping into a leaf pile. We emerge with glowing cheeks and sparkling eyes. When we wish upon life, we stop chasing after someone else’s dreams. When we wish upon life, we are the destination. When we wish upon life, we anchor the atmosphere with our wishes. Wishing upon life is a nonstop adventure. When we wish upon life, we release the genie within us. When we wish upon life, we hold our calls and dial into our emotions.

4. When we wish upon life, our wishes become a flirtation of magical energy.

Filled with mesmerizing power we dial into our emotions. Reality becomes the imaginative flight. When we wish upon life, we become a body in space. There is no beginning. There is no end. Wishing upon life is about existence, our existence. It is about feelings, our feelings. No longer in the confines of reality, our wishes are our companions in the strands of the setting sun.

5. When we wish upon life, we do not challenge the art of theory; it is the actual practice of wishing that counts.

With one foot planted firmly in reality we travel back and forth between our past, our present and our future. Fused with authenticity, we wish upon life and recapture our optimism. Wishing is beyond cell phones, text messaging and email. They are unscheduled, mute on a soundtrack and don’t plug into an outlet. Our wishes have an identity. Fused with authenticity, they are as imaginative and creative as we are.

6. Wish in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Wish inside your soul. Changing one or two assumptions from time to time is part of wishful thinking. When we wish upon life, our bodies are soft and glowing. Our mind conveys thoughts of a happy smile. When we wish upon life, we are the lamp in the darkness. Remember, a lit soul is filled with granted wishes.

7. Step out of the shadows of loss and regret.

When we wish, we imagine a turning point where anything is possible. When we wish, we are imaginative and sensitive. When we wish, we are commanding. When we wish upon life, we are not dismissible. We forget our struggles. When we wish upon life, our opinions and views are open.

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