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Botox bridal showers

Months and sometimes years go into wedding planning. From the bridal gown to the last detail, every woman wants her wedding to be picture perfect. And with all eyes upon the bride on her wedding day, she obviously wants to look her very best. And that goes for the rest of the women at her wedding too! A new trend in beauty that is really beginning to pick up steam is the Botox bridal shower. Brides-to-be, along with their bridesmaids, mother and other family members can host a pre-wedding shower for Botox and other skincare treatments. The women arrive at the doctor’s office via limousine, like a traditional bridal shower, and then experience a day of beauty with everything from Botox injections to power peel facials.

Botox Injections

New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg has recently hosted quite a few Botox bridal showers in his office. Dr. Greenberg was kind enough to give us the inside scoop about this new fascinating trend.

“Botox bridal showers are becoming extremely popular in my office and it’s always a pleasure to cater to the needs of brides-to-be and their entourage before the big day comes,” said Dr. Greenberg. “Since Botox decreases lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes, the bride, her mom, her mother-in-law, bridesmaids, aunts and cousins all want to see their faces refreshed as much as possible before the big day.”

Dr. Greenberg says the atmosphere is relaxed and fun, which you might not expect at a doctor’s office.

“Many parties arrive in limos where they are greeted by my staff and brought into the lounge area, which is decorated in a bridal theme! They are offered finger foods, champagne (which can be consumed after the Botox cosmetic injections, not prior to the Botox) and music to enjoy while waiting.”

The bridal party can also opt to get massages, manicures and other pampering treatments right in the office prior to the Botox.

Dr. Greenberg explains that Botox treatments should not be done right before the wedding. In fact, you should schedule your Botox bridal shower three to six weeks before your wedding day. That way, “the full effect can settle in and be perfect” before you walk down the aisle.

Cosmetic Surgery in a Jar

In addition to his in-office treatments, Dr. Greenberg recently launched a skincare product line “Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar,” which he gives to all his Botox bridal party guests as a gift item to help them enhance their look in time for the big day!!!

This revolutionary skincare line uses antioxidants, organic oils and other proven ingredients to reverse sun damage, enhance elasticity and dramatically improve the appearance of your skin.

You can learn more about the Dr. Greenberg’s “Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar” and place your order at

If you live in the New York City area and are interested in having a Botox bridal shower, contact Dr. Greenberg’s Manhattan or Long Island office at (516) 364-4200 or (212) 319-4999 respectively.

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