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7 ways to stay youthful at any age

Feeling the test of time? Who isn’t?! Whether you are in your twenties or your fifties, here are some anti-aging tips and products that will keep you in your prime.

Gywneth Paltrow

1. “Sunshine on my shoulders”

… makes you old. Your mother was onto something when she slathered you with SPF 50 before allowing you to play in the sun. Sunscreen is absolutely essential for preventing aging, and of course, skin cancer. It is the number one thing you can do to ensure beautiful skin in the years to come. And don’t even think about hopping into a tanning bed! They are just as bad for you as baking in natural sunlight.

If you aren’t comfortable resembling Snow White, try a self-tanner like Clinique Radiant Bronze Face & Body Tinted Self Tanner. It has a built in SPF 15, so you get two products in one.

2. Moisture, moisture, moisture!

As we age, our skin loses its natural oiliness, so it’s essential to replenish with a daily moisturizer. Use one day and night to keep your face fresh. Even if you are prone to oily skin or breakouts, you should still use a light lotion, as doing so will help balance out your skin.
Juice Beauty makes a great oil-free moisturizing gel that won’t clog pores or lead to acne. Juice beautyAs an added bonus, it’s made with all organic ingredients, so you can feel good that not only are you taking care of your skin, but you’re doing something helpful for the environment too!

3. Put down the pack.

You’ve been lectured countless times about the dangers of smoking, but if all the statistics on lung cancer and heart disease don’t scare you into quitting, perhaps vanity will. Smoking sucks the moisture out of your skin, gives you telltale wrinkles (including those above your upper lip), clogs your pores, and gives you a sallow complexion. Yuck!

4. Chill out!

Nothing ages our appearance quite like stress. Anxiety can lead to acne and cold sores, as well as frown lines. So do some sun salutations, go for a walk, read a feel-good book, or simply practice some deep breathing to alleviate your racing mind.

5. Sip softly.

If the recent research on the benefits of a daily glass of wine has you ordering Pinot Noir by the case, take heed. A cocktail a day is fine, but drowning your liver in alcohol is not. Doing so dilates the blood vessels in the skin and depletes the body of vitamins and minerals. Alcohol is also a major skin diuretic, so if you do have a drink, chase it with a big glass of water.

6. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Dry, brittle hair is one of the major tell-tale signs of aging. Similar to their skincare counterparts, anti-aging hair products work to put moisture back into the strands, making it softer and shinier. Y serum is a new product from Nexxus that sets back the clock and brings new life to your hair.

7. Blueberries, soy beans and fish oils, oh my!

If you’re still not hip to antioxidants, get with the program!  Face of Estee Lauder Gwyneth Paltrow (shown above) seems to defy time, and it’s largely due to her antioxidant-rich macrobiotic diet.
But you can do more with these goodies than just eating them! Products containing antioxidants neutralize free radicals that come from the sun as well as air pollution. The Youth As We Know It is a product line from Bliss that is jam-packed with these helpful little guys. From cleanser to toner to eye cream, they’ve got you covered.


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