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Top five male toys for him this Christmas

Normally, I don’t focus too much on men, which would make sense considering this is a women’s sex blog and all. However, since Christmas is around the corner I feel it’s only fair to give the women who read this blog an idea of the best toys for men, should they decide to venture that route when they play Santa this year.

Sex toys for men?!

Most of the people that I speak to about male sex toys do not even seem to realize that they exist. The rest seem to think that male sex toys are just for homosexual men. Neither of these things is
true. The fact is, there are numerous toys out there for straight men and while many of the toys do revolve around anal stimulation, many men find that they like anal stimulation, due to the
prostate stimulation and the pleasure that it can provide.

The thought counts

The following toys are fairly general and are meant to give ideas more than anything. While you might find the perfect gift for your man on this list, the important thing is to get you thinking and
looking for the gift to drive him crazy.

Briana Banks P&A

Offering a realistic feel, this male masturbator gives him some visual stimulation, as well as a great feel. This is also great for couples that are interested in experimenting with threesomes, but
are nervous. This gives you the chance to see if you can handle being with another woman. This is one of the highest rated porn star models on the adult circuit. If your man is using this for solo
play, he just needs to place it on the tabletop or the end of the bed for maximum enjoyment.

Cyberskin Penis Enhancer

If your man is subconscious about his penis size then an extension will be the way to go. This not only ups his confidence level, it also gives you a chance to experience a new level of
penetration. This model was picked for three reasons. First, I love the fact that its cyberskin which will provide a realistic feel for you and him. Second, the ticklers will be worth their weight
in gold. Third, the 5½ inches will extend his erection and keep you happy.

The Pleasure Wand

The best thing about the Pleasure Wand is that it hits all the right pleasure spots on your man. If he is hesitant about the anal aspects of play, feeling this just once will surely change his
mind. This is almost the equivalent of a female G-spot toy. Internally, the male’s prostate gets tickled and rubbed, while externally the attention areas include the perineum and the scrotum.
The diameter of this is small enough for beginners and the four vibration settings will ease him into hours of pleasure.

Seductive Oral Masturbator

Perfect for the man that loves oral, this masturbator is shaped like a mouth complete with tongue ring. Just based on the look of this thing, you can bet your man will receive hours of pleasure.
This is especially good for men that love oral and don’t receive enough attention in that area.

Fun Wand

Available at Liberator, under the NJoy label this unisex toy makes a wonderful solo or couples gift. On a woman this is perfect for oral sex with the combination of G-spot stimulation. On a man
this is a great P-spot finder and will give him some anal stimulation that will knock his socks off!

Finding the right adult sex toy for a man isn’t hard if you know the type of things he likes. The market is incredibly diverse and offers something for every man. Look around, explore, and he
will be sure to have an explosive Christmas thanks to you!

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