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Reader question: My labia looks funny

A reader asks: “My inner labia are different sizes. Is this normal? Please help!”

It is easy to be self conscious when it comes to how you look naked. Many sex therapists will tell you that the key to being sexy is being comfortable with your naked body. However, if you are worried that you are deformed or suffering from an unforeseen medical problem it can be quite difficult to be comfortable. I have some good news for you though.

The fact is that women all have different sizes, shapes, and even textures when it comes to their inner labia. Some women notice they have long ones and others have short ones. The same goes with thickness, smoothness, and any other specific look that you might notice. Each woman’s labia is just different by nature. The only time you have a cause for worry is if you determine that your labia looks different now than it has in the past. If it was always on the more open end and it is now closed up or if it was long and thin but now it is thick and puffy then you might want to look into a possible cause for the change in your body.

This may involve going to the gynecologist to get an examination done. My best advice is to become more familiar with your body so you can notice a change when and if there is one. A good way to do this is to use a mirror when you are examining your body. By identifying your body parts, touching them, and exploring them you will know when there truly is a problem, and whether you are just being self-conscious about the appearance of your genitals.

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