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Why do you read blogs?

Do people really keep blogs to get sex?

Dating don'ts

Media Analysts are beginning to say that many people who read blogs do it because they are hoping to get some sex out of it in the future. I have read many blogs, and I write for numerous blogs on a daily basis, but I have to say I have never done it with the idea of getting laid.

Any blog will do

When I thought about this, at first, I thought they were talking about sexually-oriented blogs. It would make sense to me if a person reading a blog on sex was looking for sex tips that could help them find love. However, the blogs cited by media analyst Simon Dumenco include entertainment and pop culture blogs.

The goal, apparently, is to have some talking points. People are able to be more interesting and have better conversations because they are aware of what’s happening in different areas of the world and our culture.

While media analysts do not agree on all points, it is said that it’s important to watch how much you use blogs to get people interested in you. If all you have to offer is blog speak and information about what happened on what blog that may make you look a little less than attractive. Additionally, if you become obsessed about knowing what is going on and where, you could end up with an addiction that is unnecessary and not helpful in your quest.

The goal should be to find out some information worth talking about that will help you seem more attractive. Anything less (or more) just won’t help you.

Does this sound familiar where you are concerned? Do you read blogs in hopes of finding new love — or do you just read because you love news, information, and blogs as a whole? Feel free to share your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below!

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