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Find the right scent for you

Finding the right scent is as hard as finding the right man. The scent can be delicious upon first inspection, and a real stinker once unwrapped. As the seasons change though, we are looking for the right new signature to complement our flirty styles and afternoons in the sun.

Jo Hook, owner of Lakshmi NYC: The Goddess Line says perfume selection confusion is most often routed in not knowing yourself.

“It is the same as clothes, you must know your body shape and what fits it, no matter how great the garment looks on the mannequin. It is the same with fragrance. You must be familiar with your own base scent before donning another one.”

Jo Hook is an unconventional perfume maker, and says that the oils she uses will avoid the perfume fade of alcohol-based perfumes.

“I use oils only for these reasons. Alcohol evaporates off your skin and hence the scent goes — not so, with oils,” Hook says.

How does someone know if they are using too much? They should ask someone they trust, preferably someone younger, mainly because as we get older, our sense of smell diminishes, so we might not have an accurate read of when enough is enough.

“With oils, you don’t run into that problem, as they blend with your own personal scent and give off what seems just the right amount,” Hood said.

According to Beth Friedman, the Fragrance Buyer/Manager at New York City’s Zitomer, layering your scents can create a solid foundation that will help your fragrance last throughout the day. However — a word of caution.

“When people move away from you in an elevator, you are using too much,” Friedman says.

Friedman says that perfume selection is a very personal decision; it defines a woman’s style and is her signature. She says that when women are making their decisions they should aim for a softer, cleaner scent for daytime and a warmer, sexy node for nighttime. Hook concurs.

“I think fresh and citrus ones work for the day and deeper leathers and musks for the night time.  Ideally, two that can be layered,” Hood said.

Hook advises that while it’s not the case that certain scents only appeal to certain seasons, it can be a good idea to use them to parallel the weather.

“Sun warrants citrus and flowery scents and when rain and overcast, a more subdued and spicy scent,” Hook said.

A scent we love this season is Violette Precieuse by Caron Paris. It’s exactly what its name implies — fragrant violets, scented with iris, jasmine, and musk. It’s a very light, feminine scent that complements the summer season and your flirty plans. We also love the adorable diamond-shaped, ribbon-adorned bottle.

L by Lolita is a sexy, feminine scent enhanced with spicy notes of cinnamon and vanilla, And Versace’s Versace is a very floral fragrance, with notes of lilac, orchid, jasmine, and cedar. Ralph Rocks by Ralph Lauren is a great fun scent, with a pulse of citrus infused with passion fruit and kiwi.

Realm and Realm for Women is infused with human pheromones, which are chemical messengers given off by an individual attracting the opposite sex. It triggers desire, attraction, and confidence. Shirley of Hollywood’s Lust also contains pheromones. And Victoria’s Secret new Very Sexy Now is liquid seduction, with a blend of mandarin, lychee, and pear.

“Over the years I have been giving advice to couples on how to improve their sex life. One thing in common with most people is the smell of their significant other,” says Dr. Steven Rosenburg, a psychotherapist and hypnotist. “This smell gives us an associative memory of being romantic. There are products that people have used to enhance their natural aromas. Some of these products work. Some are just too strong and can be a turn-off. For the most part a fragrance that mixes with your body chemistry is what you want.”

And if you are looking to purchase a fragrance for the men in (or soon-to-be-in) your life, Caron’s Pour Un Homme is a nice minimalist scent with a subtle essence of lavender and raw vanilla.

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