Awareness ribbon for breast cancer

It’s time to break out the pink ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness! You can make these ribbons so easily — here’s how.

pink ribbon All you need is a spool of pink ribbon and safety pins.Begin by cutting a 4-inch length of ribbon, making a diagonal cut in the ribbon. Fold the ribbon over itself as seen in the picture. (To fold correctly, think of making sure the two “legs” of the ribbon have their satiny-sides facing out.)Secure the center of the ribbon from behind with a safety pin — and this pin can then be used to secure the ribbon to your clothes or bag! It is very easy. Why not make up a whole batch of these and sell them to your friends, colleagues, and neighbors for a suggested donation of $1? Then choose your favorite breast cancer charity to receive your donations. You’ll be surprised at how generous people will be!


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