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Bridal Shows: How to get the most out of them

Terrific tips to make the most of bridal shows!

Attending a bridal show can be most helpful in planning your wedding. You will be able to meet and ask questions from many wedding professionals all under one roof. You will want to gather information, compare prices and services, register for prizes, see the latest fashions, get great new ideas and just have fun.

Here are some tips that will help you get the most from your bridal show experience. Register before the show. When you register before the show, some shows offer a discount toward the purchase of your ticket.

Research the show ahead of time to see what vendors will be there. Look specifically for the one’s you need. Many vendors offer discounts on their services if you book them at the show.

Decide to concentrate on one vendor (Minister/Officiant, floral designer, photographer, deejay, etc.) and do your research ahead of time. At the show, gather info from other vendors too, but spend most of your time talking with the ones you researched.

When are the fashion shows? If the bridal show has a wedding fashion show, check the times of the shows when you arrive, so you don’t miss out.

Bring a list of questions to ask. Don’t just rush by booths that have services you still need. Don’t just listen to sales pitches. Ask lots of questions, that’s what the vendors are there for. They want to help you and you are under no pressure to buy from them, so find out everything you need to know.

Listen to the vendors. If their product or service is one you need and they are busy talking with someone else, stand close and just listen.

It may seem a little overwhelming at the show, but most vendors love to spend time with you and answer your questions. They will talk to you about their products and services in as much detail as you want. However, the shows are very hectic and noisy, so if you find a vendor that you like, it’s best to set up an appointment and meet with them later.

Socialize. Start a conversation with the people at the booths. Don’t be shy. You will know right away if they are someone you would want to work with in planning for your special day. It is very important that you “click” with the vendors you choose.

Bridal shows are big. Some have more than 400 exhibitors. Come early. Don’t be in a rush. Plan to spend a minimum of 4 or 5 hours in order to see all the exhibits. Take your time. Make a day of it. Don’t hurry!

Visit every booth even if the exhibitor offers something you’re not interested in right now. You might decide in the future to include it and you’ll have the information readily available.

Walk up one aisle on one side and check out the vendors, then walk down the other side of the same aisle to make sure you do not miss anyone. You may miss the very wedding service you were looking for if you try to wander from side-to-side down the same aisle.

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