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More marriages per match – The one statistic that really matters

If you own a television or a radio, you’ve probably heard or seen an eHarmony advertisement. Sometimes I’m a bit embarrassed by the frequency of these ads. I’ve calculated that on any random day we have about 1,500 messages being transmitted through the media of North America.

One of the primary points of those advertisements is the phrase, “More marriages per match than any online service.” In fact, we repeat that claim in almost every single ad we produce. I’m often asked two questions that relate to this claim.

  1. Why do I think we have more success in this area than other sites?
  2. What does this claim really mean to an individual eHarmony user?

I believe there is a very simple reason for eHarmony’s great success in helping people meet and get married.

It’s all we try to do
If I listed eHarmony’s main competitors – the names you might recognize – the vast majority of them are not interested in helping you find a lifelong mate. It’s not what they were founded to achieve. In the past, online dating has primarily been a tool for finding a date for Saturday night – a casual relationship. Most of these companies are VERY good at introducing people based on a variety of somewhat superficial criteria.

Since their focus is on this kind of relationship, it isn’t surprising that marriages happen less often for them.

eHarmony’s reputation as a place where people come to meet a serious partner has also helped us in this regard. When you have 7 million users who are interested in a committed long-term relationship, the chances are much greater that when you meet someone and fall in love, the relationship will lead to marriage. Sometimes people write to me and ask, “I like the way eHarmony matches, but I’m not interested in a serious relationship. Will the service work for me?”

I always tell these people that while our system would certainly match them, eHarmony isn’t where they belong. Their participation would cause great pain for their matches, all of whom expect that we are matching them with people who are available for marriage. Of course, being on eHarmony doesn’t mean you’re rushing to the altar. It just means that most of our members are interested in meeting a compatible person of quality, getting to know them extremely well, AND, if it feels right, taking the next step toward marriage.

There are, of course, many more reasons why eHarmony has excelled at helping couples marry. We have a sophisticated matching process that uses broad-based compatibility to bring together people who fit in the most important ways. We have a guided communication process that helps them get to know each other well. But at the end of the day, these features flow from our commitment to commitment. We’ve made marriage our top priority.

What does “More Marriages per Match” mean to an individual eHarmony user?
Statistics about very large groups of people can have a way of twisting perception. We all know that saying something about the “average” doesn’t reveal much about the “particular.” If I tell you that the average eHarmony member gets 75 matches in a year, it may help you learn a bit about our service, but only a small bit. You could join and then receive 475 matches during a year. You could join and receive 15. After all, each user controls a wide variety of self-selects (such as geography) that have great sway over the pool of available matches.

When we say “More marriages per match,” we are essentially saying this: For our size, we create more marriages than any other online dating service. This means that your chances of finding a soul mate and marrying that person are better on eHarmony than on any other service I know of in existence today.

Is this a guarantee that each person on eHarmony will find a wonderful spouse? Unfortunately, no. Whenever I speak with eHarmony users and potential users, I try to point out the limits of our service. We can’t guarantee a happy marriage to every single person, but I believe with all my heart that we have created the best process for finding a compatible mate, and our success supports this claim.

If you feel like you’re ready to start down the road to a permanent, loving, compatible relationship, eHarmony was designed just for you. We’re proud that we help to create more marriages per match than any online service and can’t wait to help you in the ways we’ve helped so many others.

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