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Honeymoon surprises

Romantic gestures and surprises don’t end once the ring is on your finger (at least we hope not!). Your honeymoon is the ideal place for a romantic or sexy surprise that will make your partner even more thrilled to be yours. And when the story gets back to friends and family back home, everyone else will be charmed as well. Choose one, choose all; make it a Surprise-a-Day for the exquisite treatment your new wife or husband deserves:

Travel time

  • Upgrade your plane tickets to first class on the way there, on the way back, or both
  • Rent a limousine to take you from your destination’s airport to your hotel (Avoid that crowded airport shuttle that stops at every resort to drop off others on the way to your oceanside hotel)
  • Arrange for romantic transportation during your stay: a horse and carriage ride instead of a taxi, for instance
  • Give a special gift while on the plane heading to your destination, or while headed home.
    At the hotel
  • Upgrade your hotel room to a top-scale honeymoon suite with a great view
  • Upgrade your hotel room choice to one that includes a private pool on the terrace, a Jacuzzi in the bathroom, and so on
  • Have your hotel room filled with flowers from you
  • Have champagne and strawberries waiting for you in the room when you check in
  • Schedule a day of pampering at the hotel spa, for one or both of you, including couples’ massages on the beach, or private time alone in the steamroom
  • While your honey is sunbathing, head back to the room early, tell her to meet you up there in 15 minutes, draw a bubble bath, surround the tub with flower petals and candles, and either have it
    waiting for her upon her return or have you waiting for her in the tub upon her return
  • Set out your gift of a silk robe and slippers for your bride, or a great spa robe for your groom.
  • Set out a love letter on your sweetheart’s pillow in addition to a chocolate truffle
    Dining surprises
  • Announce that you’re going out for a formal dinner, get dressed in your finest, and then surprise your partner by having a decadent dinner sent up to your room instead. Set up dinner out on
    your terrace with candlelight, play soft music and enjoy a private meal overlooking the ocean view
  • Schedule a nightly room service surprise. At 10pm, a knock on the door will introduce your choice of nighttime snack surprise: champagne and berries, cheesecake and coffee, a cheese and fruit
    platter, even a pizza or buffalo wings to enjoy in bed
  • Schedule breakfast to be sent to your room, for breakfast in bed, and either talk, read the paper, or watch cartoons on TV for a great, relaxing morning
  • Find out the most unique dining location in the area, perhaps a sunset dinner cruise, or dinner served aboard a docked yacht, at an estate home, and make surprise reservations
  • When you’re out to dinner, have red roses brought to the table as a gift to your bride (Attention and applause from the other guests makes this surprise all the sweeter)
  • Have a singing waiter or strolling violinist serenade you
  • Have the pianist or band play ‘your song,’ and get up to slow dance to it
  • Reserve a private dining area, such as a private tented bungalow on the beach at sunrise. Your resort may offer this opportunity as romantic dining, bringing your courses and drinks out to you,
    as you dine together in privacy and romance with the sound of the surf all around you
  • Propose a thoughtful toast to your new bride or groom.
    Surprise events and activities
  • Schedule surprise activities your spouse didn’t think you could afford. “Guess, what, honey? We’re going scuba diving!” is a terrific treat.
  • Find out if any local museums have a special exhibit that’s close to your partner’s heart, and plan to visit
  • Know your partner’s dream activity, such as swimming with dolphins, and arrange for that to take place
  • Surprise him or her with tickets to a show, concert, or special event taking place in your destination
  • Ask your concierge if you can arrange to reserve a private beach or island for a few hours. At one Bermuda resort, they have an underground cavern and fresh-water swimming pool that romantic
    couples can reserve by the hour, for instance
  • Rent out a private yacht, complete with crew and captain (even catering on some!) for a luxury cruise tour of the island
  • Do a little research on nearby day trips. For example, one couple who went to Switzerland for their honeymoon writes in that the groom planned a special day trip to Vienna, so that his bride
    could see the church where the Vienna Boys Choir sings. See where you can side-trip, and don’t count out an overnight stay and then a return to your own resort. Now that’s a surprise!
  • Do a little research on your destination. The tourist board can tell you exactly where on the beach they shot an episode of your favorite TV show, a movie, or where a celebrity wedding took
    place. These FYI’s can be a great surprise when you get your picture taken in the same place.

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