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Honeymooning with kids

If either of you has children from previous relationships, or kids of your own together, you might wish to join the growing ranks of couples who take their kids along on their honeymoons. Experts say that a ‘with-the-kids’ vacation right after the wedding is a terrific way to seal your status as a blended family, to give you all a chance to run off and celebrate your new bond as a group.

Here are some additional perks to bringing the kids along on your getaway of a lifetime:

  • This is an important ritual for kids to experience, an ‘we’re a family now’ official trip that gives many opportunities to build special memories are more focused time together than you usually
    get at home.
  • The wedding, and all the months preceding it, has no doubt been stressful for the kids as well as for you, and this trip allows them the same relief and relaxation that you want for yourself.
  • This trip gives the kids extra-exciting adventures to share as they bond with any new stepsiblings.
  • You don’t have to worry about finding someone to stay with your kids while you’re gone.
  • Kids who are already a little bit hesitant about your getting married, and having to share you with others, won’t feel left out and abandoned while you take off for Bora Bora.
  • You all get to start your new life together in an amazing way.
    While bonding time is a big advantage, you should also know that you’re not going to sacrifice your romantic alone time as a couple. You get the best of both worlds: family time with fun
    activities, and couple time with romantic candlelight dinners and the hotel room all to yourselves. Most resorts, hotels and cruises offer excellent kids’ day camps and planned activities
    designed to give them the trip of their lives and you much-needed couple time. Here are just some of the attractions at kids’ camps:
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling outings
  • Surfing lessons
  • Circus camps with trapezes and trampolines
  • Beach parties and pool parties with volleyball and swimming contests
  • Skiing or snowboarding day trips
  • Movie nights
  • Dance parties
  • And even overnight slumber parties
    Would you believe that some resorts have special kids’ concierges who create group activities by age range or work with you to arrange special plans for your kids? It’s true! Resorts are
    specializing in family travel, and this is just one perk you can enjoy on your ‘with kids’ honeymoon. So check with the major resorts to learn all about the exciting things your kids can be
    doing, under safe supervision, while you’re getting massages on the beach or scuba diving yourselves.

    And here’s an extra treat: many resorts now offer teen packages at their luxury spas. So your daughter can get a manicure and pedicure, or have her hair done as part of the trip of her
    lifetime. Teenaged daughters are especially fond of this package prospect.

    Setting it up

    Planning a honeymoon with your kids takes some extra planning, not just for your alone time, but also to make sure the kids are as excited as you are about your chosen destination and all that
    it provides. Here are the top tips for your planning stages:

  • Check out resorts’ amenities and kids’ camps with the help of a travel agent. There are so many great programs out there, an expert can lead you to the best ones.
  • Compare family packages at resorts to their honeymoon packages. Often, family packages give great benefits for kids.
  • Check out all-inclusive resorts and packages, where kids use their own ID cards to get meals and drinks without having to come to you for money.
  • Ask about hotel suites with several bedrooms, or adjoining rooms with a door that can be kept open. It’s not the ideal trip if you’re all crammed into a small room with kids on cots. Spend more
    on the suite to give everyone breathing room.
  • Ask the kids what style of trip their want to go on. Beach? A ski trip? A cruise? Europe? When you ask kids for their input, it makes them a part of the team.
  • Plan for your kids’ school vacation time, of course. And be sure your vacation plans don’t prevent kids from attending important sports camps or activities (like the prom!) during that time.
    You don’t want a sulky teenager spoiling the vacation with resentment.
  • Plan to keep in touch. Some couples go out and buy cool walkie talkies so they can easily contact their kids on the other side of the island. Schedule meeting times, or have lunch together, to
    weave in private and shared time.
  • As a couple, make your alone time non-negotiable. You’ll have to set boundaries so that you do get romantic time together.
    Enjoy your fabulous family getaway!

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