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Lord of the Rings and elves wedding theme

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Your question:

I am getting married in June of 2005 I would love nothing more than to get married in a dress like Lady Galadriel wore in the mirror scene of The Fellowship. My fiance` and I would like to have our
whole wedding party dressed in elvish attire. I was hoping you could tell me if this is realistic and how I can acquire the costumes or designs. I have my heart set on those amazing outfits.

The expert answers:

Anything is possible!

I would go to a local dress maker, bespoke bridal designer or a designer that specialized in costume and wedding planners who specialize in theme weddings, with some pictures or designs that you
have with fabric swatches and colors you had in mind.

I think if you set yourself a budget then they quote accordingly on the intricacy of the designs and materials available.This is a handmade design and can be bought by click here.

I don’t think looking into fancy dress hire is very original and can look a bit pantomime. But you can get some ideas from the designs. However there are professional customer hire businesses that
can offer bespoke items like these: and

This link brings up a good photo of Lady Galadriel’s outfit

Face shots for hair/makeup can be found by clicking here.

Wedding attire for him can be found by clicking here.

You can also use the meaning of the names for guests tables at the reception. Or use the names of places in the story.

Find great themed jewelry by clicking here or my favorite Elvin Love Pendent.


Directions to the wedding can be done in the style of a map from Middle earth – choice
, choice two, choice three, and choice four.

Favors like embroidered bookmarks, embroidered bags napkin rings can be found here.

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