Turn your honeymoon keepsakes into memorable crafts

While the best thing you can take away from your honeymoon is a wealth of romantic memories, it’s also a great idea to take a little something else home as a memento of the trip of a lifetime. And by that we don’t mean stealing the hotel towels and soap samples. Here are some nifty keepsakes that you can bring back from your honeymoon and display in your home as a constant, tangible reminder of the bliss you experienced.

Newlywed couple on the beach for honeymoon

From the beach

As you’re doddeling along the beach start a small sea shell collection. A handful of beautiful shells from the beach and a cup of sand will make for a great craft upon returning home. Simply purchase a vase, either when you get home or from your honeymoon destination, and dump the sand and shells into the bottom for a cute centerpeice-meets-keepsake. An interesting colored rock from the island, such as a black lava stone or a geode (one of those plain gray rocks that splits open to reveal gorgeous colored crystals inside) will give the home decor item a visual boost. So keep your eyes out for unique beach findings like decorative pieces of driftwood.

[IMPORTANT: Check the rules from the US Customs Department to be sure you can bring sand back home — the Customs department has strict rules about plants, soil, sand, and many other items with an aim towards preventing any dangers from coming back to the mainland.]

What you wore

Style keepsakes from your honeymoon

The first flower

Tuck a gorgeous flower behind your ear on the first night of your honeymoon for that first formal dinner. Keep it, dry it, press it and preserve it. Put it in one of you wedding albums, a journal you keep or inbetween the pages of your favorite book. It will serve as nice reminder of all the happy feelings that were floating around the two of you in honeymoon oasis.


While on your trip, purchase a beautiful necklace or bracelet that’s location-inspired such as a silver starfish necklace, a shell bracelet or something cultural such as a whale’s tooth necklace (which is a treasure said to protect travelers during over-water airplane flights). Before you set out to your honeymoon destination, do some reseach on certain cultural beliefs and be sure to get in on the treasue fun for a one of a kind keepsake.


Pick up a new fragrance, or have one made for you. In Bermuda, a perfume factory will custom-blend a scent for you, which you can use for many years to come. Since scents are a gateway to memory, why not introduce a new perfume into your life as you begin a new chapter in life with your new hubby?

Starting traditions

Honeymoon keepsakes that will start traditions

Now is the perfect time to begin annual traditions for the two of you. It’s romantic, it brings back memories from the beginning bliss of your marriage, and it unites you again and again in the future.

Save some for later

Buy a great bottle of brandy, cognac or port and have your first toast from it on your honeymoon. Then seal it up, bring it home, and open it again and again for special toasts on your future anniversaries and memorable days.

Uncork it

Bring home the cork from your first bottle of champagne, label it and bring it home to start a collection of the corks you’ll pop for all your future important events together. Perhaps it can join a collection of already-saved corks, like the one from when you got engaged, the first cork from your wedding day and so on. You can keep them in a vase as a decorative end table peice, or turn them into another fun keepsake craft like a cork wreath. Also consider gluing them to the outside of a frame containing your favorite photo from the trip.

Put it in writing

Buy a unique travel journal at the bookstore and use it to record your vacation adventures in your years to come. Tuck in brochures, wine bottle labels and any additional keepsakes you collect along the way. Save this journal as your travel-only log, and bring it along on all of your future trips. In twenty years, you can look back over and re-live all of your shared adventures and most romantic, exotic experiences.

From the gift shop

Snag a location-inspired stuffed toy or keychain. You might choose a dolphin or whale, a coqui from Puerto Rico, a starfish or a lighthouse, and so on. If you’re already thinking about children, bring home something fury that can serve as the baby’s first stuffed animal.

Don’t overlook Postcards, even if you think they’re outdated. Very inexpensively you can collect professional pictures of all the local landmarks, tourist sites and sunset vistas from the area. Have both your hubby and you sign and date the backs and write a little note about the trip. Once your collection grows, you can have them framed as a collage and hung in the hallway as a gateway to loving memories.

Some other humbling keepsakes to bring home from your trip are books on the island or local culture, cookbooks on island or cultural cuisine, framed or matted artwork and night shirts and tee shirts to wear in the future.

On film

Make sure you are capturing the moment with unique pictures and videos from your most exciting adventures, your most romantic nights and wonders ( like the brilliant rainbow that arched out over the ocean after three days of rain). You’ll regret not catching these romantic memories on camera.

Flip cameras are a great way to capture your trip in video clips. You can upload them straight to your computer from the handheld device and re-watch them in the coming years.

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