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15 questions to ask your wedding videographer

Wedding videos should be enjoyable to watch over and over again, so be as specific about your video as you are about your photos. Remember that your wedding video will be influenced by your videographer’s style and personality, so make sure that you are comfortable with both before booking someone. Talent, creativity and skill are the difference between Uncle John’s home video and an artistic wedding video. Be sure your videographer has both.

Here are the basic questions you’ll need to ask when hiring a videographer:
Are you the videographer who will actually shoot my wedding? If not, can I meet with that person?

What is your professional history and style?

Do you use digital cameras and a digital editing system?

Do you have demos of your work?

What packages do you offer?

How much time do you spend in the editing process? What are the time constraints on our wedding day? When will you arrive and leave?

What type of lighting capabilities do you have? Can I choose my own music?

Can you put our wedding on DVD and how much are extra copies?

What type of deposit do you require to reserve the date?

What are the payment options?

What is your cancellation policy?

Work out all the details and make sure your videographer is aware of any limitations of the location, possible lighting problems and special requests before the wedding. Be clear with your expectations and you will get exactly what you want!

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