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Five office stress-busters

You may love your job, but every career comes with moments that make you want to tear your hair out. Chill out with these five tips to beat stress and get back to the business of good vibes!


Tips to stress less at work

1. Make an appointment with yourself
Schedule 15 minutes just for you on your Outlook calendar. Use this time to take a walk around the building, grab a cup of coffee and sit quietly alone in a private spot, or give yourself a scalp massage in the ladies room. 

2. Soothe your senses with lavender
This herb has long been prized for its soothing scent. Keep a bottle of the essential oil or a sachet at your desk and breathe deeply.

3. Give your hands a break
Midway through the day, give yourself a hand massage with a good quality lotion. Not only will your skin thank you, but your joints and ligaments will, too. Also, make sure your keyboard and chair are in ergonomically correct positions to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome — or wear wrist braces while typing.

4. Perform a mini-meditation
Download some soothing music onto your iPod and spend five minutes focusing on your breath or doing visualization exercises.

5. Limit the after-work complaint-fests
Give yourself a time budget of 15 minutes during which you are allowed to vent to your friends or spouse about the stress of your day. After that, focus on your life outside of the office, and what makes you happy. Your blood pressure — and that of your loved ones — will thank you.

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