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Hangover help after a few too many

Overindulge at that party last night? Feel like death today? Perhaps that third bottle of cabernet wasn’t such a great idea. There are a few ways you can recover faster — and no, hair of the dog is not one of them. Hangover symptoms are the result of dehydration, sleep deprivation and inflammation. Treat these and you’ll feel loads better.


First, rehydrate with loads of non-alcoholic, non-diuretic liquids. Sports drinks are best, followed by juices, then water. Down as much before you go to bed as you can to jump-start the process.


Get some extra sleep, if possible. Not only did you stay up way past your bedtime in all likelihood, but alcohol also hampers sleep. If you can’t sleep late, try to sneak in a nap during the day — a quick snooze in your car during lunch could do the trick.

reduce inflammation

Inflammation of joints and muscles is another classic hangover symptom, and this includes your killer headache. Ibuprofen is your best bet here, and again, get a jump-start by downing a dose before you pass out. Stay away from acetaminophen, though — it does not reduce inflammation and can damage the liver when combined with alcohol.


You can take some vitamins to speed the healing process, too. 100 milligrams of B1 and 10 milligrams of B6 can help replenish nutrients lost while drinking. Take for several days after your bender, and you should be as good as new — until next time.

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