Walking to improve mental and physical health

Combine the power of thank you with the positive effects of walking and exercise — such as flooding your brain with happy neurotransmitters and endorphins — and you have a simple, powerful exercise that energizes the mind and body, and builds mental and physical muscle. It’s a simple solution for stress and a busy schedule.

Woman Taking WalkIt focuses the mind and improves
your mood — speeds up your metabolism and kick starts your day. It can be done just about anywhere and since everyone wastes 10 minutes a day then you can surely find 10 minutes to increase your
physical and mental energy. If you’re saying this seems too simple, I say you are partially right. It is simple but not too simple. You just have to make time to do it. The truth is if you can walk
and talk then you can do the Thank You Walk. I am convinced it is one of the key ingredients for a happy and energetic life. It has helped me stay energized in the face of a 28 city book tour,
dealing with the stress of owning three restaurants, raising a five and three year old, and maintaining a happy marriage. It has helped me and I have a good feeling it will help you.

Action steps

1. Schedule your Thank You walks. Each week make a schedule of when you can take your Thank You walk. You can walk when you wake up, after lunch, after dinner, when the kids go to
bed, when you get home from work. Put this schedule in your calendar and tape to your mirror. If you can schedule more than 10 minutes that would be great. I like to walk anywhere between 10 and 60
minutes. But if 10 minutes is all you have, then simply do 10 minutes — it will produce results.

If you can schedule two or three 10 minute Thank You walks per day that would also be very effective. Try one in the morning and one after dinner.

2. Each night before you go to bed review your Thank You walk schedule for the next day and make sure the time(s) still works. If it doesn’t, set a new time. If it does make a
mental commitment to do it the next day.

3. Before you walk, stretch and clear your mind.

4. While you’re walking, as various thoughts (besides your thankful thoughts) pop into your head, don’t fight them. Just notice your thoughts and let them flow in and flow out.

5. Re-focus on being thankful. Feel thankful and this feeling will elevate your step and your mood.

6. When you are done walking, stretch. Make a mental note of how you feel.


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