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Embossing wedding invitations

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Your question:
My friend is getting married and she would like me to make her wedding invitations. I would like to experiment with making embossed designs to create that raised effect. Is there a particular printer or process that you have to do to do this? I would prefer to just buy a machine that is fast, and easy to use. Any suggestions?

The expert answers:
It depends on what kind of embossing you would like to do. You can buy a rubber mounted stamp use slow drying stamp ink and stamp an image. Sprinkle embossing powder over the image and shake off the excess back into the pot. The powder will remain on the wet ink.

Get an embossing heat gun and heat the stamped image until the embossing powder melts almost to a molten effect. You now have a raised embossed image. You can also use an iron if you do not want to buy an embossing heat gun. Embossing powders come in a variety of colors, matte and metallic. There are many designs for wedding rubber stamps, including verses, wording and Romanic images such as bells, doves, borders, wine glasses and more. You may need to use a heavy card as the heat from the heat gun may warp the paper. You can also melt the image on the reverse. The trick is not to over heat the stamped image.

A alternative is using a light box, stencil and an embossing tool called a stylus. Use paper such as pergmano (like tracing paper but thicker) put the metal stencil over the top and push the paper through the metal stencil with an embossing stylus (pen with round ball ends) so it is a raised image on the other side.

You can also use a flower press to create embossed images but this takes longer. You can use other light weight papers as well as pergmano and vellum. However, you do not need a light box. You can hold the image against the window to see where to push the design on the paper.

There isn’t a matching as such to do embossing unless you are a professional printer with a hot foil printing machine or specialize in blind embossing. You can buy embossed card blanks with an embossed border or foil embossed wording and create your own image on the front from other materials. Search the Internet for craft sites. There are thousands!

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