How to have a slumber party for your grownup girlfriends

It’s time for some downright fun with the girls!

Your question:
I am having a slumber party for adult women. We want to have just as much fun as the kids do when they have one. It is our first ever as adults! Can you give me some ideas on things we could do? The expert answers:
Slumber Parties are all about staying up all night, whispering, giggling and lots silliness. Sillier the better. Pajama contests, pillow fights, wacky makeovers followed by a talent show and red carpet interviews are some of the must dos.

You can go thrift shop hunting to get funky hats, wigs ,weird clothing, costumes and accessories, buy fake eye lashes, lots of glitter and cheap make up for wacky makeovers.

A karaoke machine would be great fun if you have one or if you can rent one.

You can do a little craft project — decorating night T-shirts (you can color a white T-shirt with fabric paint, markers etc. and have everyone to sign or write something on each others T-shirt) or decorate glamorous eye masks.

You can set-up a little treasure hunt (have a little goodie bag for each guest to find with items like bath salts, massage oils, relaxing aroma candles , soaps, bath bubbles etc.)

Don’t forget to have disposable cameras and a video camera around to capture the fun moments.


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