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Who can propose a toast: The new list

Wedding receptions traditionally start with The Best Man’s toast to the happy couple, and in recent years the Maid of Honor has also taken the spotlight to wish the bride and groom well. Guests raise their champagne flutes, perhaps a few tears fall from the sentimentality of what is said, and everyone is laughing and smiling about the funny little anecdote about what the bride said after her first date with the groom.

Other toasters

A great toast makes the party all the more special, but why limit it to just those two honored speakers? You can take the microphone too, thanking your parents, your new in-laws, your bridal party
and all of your guests for being a part of your special day. You can propose a toast to your groom, or he can lift his glass to you and tell the room how amazing you are.

Without going too far with too many toasts proposed at your reception (you don’t want your guests to suffer from arm strain or rotator cuff injuries from lifting their glasses too often!), here is
a list of the many special people who can propose a special toast to you or to your family:

  • Your parents
  • Your father
  • Your mother
  • The groom’s parents
  • The groom’s father
  • The groom’s mother
  • Your kids, if you have them
  • Your grandparents
  • Your godparents
  • Step-parents
  • Your sibling(s)v
  • Your bridal party
  • The person or people who introduced the two of you to one another
  • Special relatives or friends If you’re in a toast-making mood, you can propose a toast to any of the above people, or others, giving a special thank you to those guests who traveled a great
    distance to be with you.
    And don’t forget…toasts can be made at any pre-wedding event, not just the reception. A few special words spoken at any celebration adds a touch of warmth and makes the moment extra-special
    for you. So consider the following opportunities for toasts to be proposed:
  • Your engagement party
  • The first planning meeting between your parents
  • Bridal showers
  • Planning lunches or brunches with your bridal party members
  • The bachelor’s and bachelorette’s parties
  • Any wedding weekend activities, such as brunches, barbecues, or dinners at home
  • The rehearsal dinner
  • The After Party
  • The breakfast on the day after the wedding
    What makes any wedding event special are the people you share it with, and the words that are spoken either to or by you become a precious part of your memories that stay with you forever.

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